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Poems of Iolanda Scripca, US in the March / April 30, 2011 Sketchbook


Free Verse


The Return


Fog rusts railways seemingly parallel to nowhere...
Phantoms sit down on the cold metal trying to warm up
The moon smokes bats with stars as echo location
A janitor cleans up the daily memories of men with shoes
Taxi drivers fall asleep in line waiting for customers who never come


I fly up high but nobody seems to care I am coming home
The walnut tree recognizes me and smiles with lips of rings
I am coming back to childhood as I was ruthlessly exiled
I feel my shoulder blades happy with buds of wings of cotton candy
There is nobody in the Control Tower
I just realized...
...I lost my shadow twenty six years ago...





I feel I'm strolling along you—
pathways of see-through Maple trees
I hardly walk and I am sick...
You quiver like a leaf in currents...

I need your tumble with the time
From heavy winter - blossom of the trees
In winter's longing I just once
believed the color - a wild rose.

I feel myself strolling along you
with my own voice, with our steps
One deeply sigh - I will regret:
My lonely pathway was never Ours...

Written in Romanian at age 17—Translated on 04-02-2011



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