Ignatius Fay, CA






Abbey Road
meeting future in-laws
the chill of fall



hot dogs and dog days
huge skin graft
on her left foot



her key ring
on the hall peg
wreath of fall flowers



freezing rain
the dead air sound
of the empty house



every balcony
a satellite dish
rustle in the hedge



morning after
all the dirty dishes
cracked cuticles



hand lens
geologist’s hammer



shards of sun
scattered by the chrome
towels on the grass



once a caterpillar
now a smear



August evening
burning bag of dog crap
on the stoop



still cat
staring at the hedge
orange juice stain



2 a.m.
snowplows and dump trucks



copse of blue spruce
shadows of deeper blue
…patch of yellow snow



wind-blown leaves—
the squeak of her runners
as she damp mops



dried forget-me-nots
among my keepsakes
from whom?



the rattle snake
unseen until it moves—
heat of August









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