Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, CR






Because I Love Thee


Because I love thee
eyes would betray me
so I'll stay away
left to hope and pray

Because I love thee
you will not see me
you won't catch my gaze
my heart's stormy blaze

Because I love thee
I float like sea pea
having time to wait
to meet our fate

Because I love thee
nothing's to foresee
all those temptations
of wild expectations

Because I love thee
I'm an absentee
in dreams live my smiles
with no tears, no biles

Because I love thee
darling forgive me
don't search for my eyes
they'll betray our ties



Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR: Five Photo Haiga: Thumbnails; first buds; falling off the bike; Beware of the bees; fragrance; bouquet of violes









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