Al Fogel, US



Senryu Sequence


Take Me Out To The Ball Game




Bobblehead Day
pigeons in the bleachers
pecking seeds

Yankee Tribute Day
8 Yogi Berra's
in the front row

Old Timer's Game
Whitey Ford's fastball
clocked at 28 mph

autograph signing
the line of outstretched notepads
above the dugout


The game:


the infielders watch
a flying bat

a thud in the mitt
before he swings

towering foul ball
a fan's leaping catch
to stadium applause

strike three!
different fingers fly
from ump and batter

7th inning stretch
the heightened aroma
of hot dogs and beer

14th inning
a stray pigeon wobbles
into the empty bullpen

15th inning
the shortstop becomes
the pitcher

walk-off home run
homer pigeons
nodding in the stands




game over
the slap of high fives
from the infield

next day
watching my team win again...
instant replay



About Al Fogel


I 'm Al Fogela 65 year old retired gentleman--residing in Miami Beach, Fl. I'm new to haiku and senryu and began writing them in August 2010 and have never looked back. I have poems scheduled to appear in a future issue of Notes from the Geanand recently was awarded a "runner up" position in the annual Haiku Calendar Competition 2010 sponsored by Snapshot Press.

This is Al Fogel's first appearance in Sketchbook.









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