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Helen Bar-Lev, IL


Voices Israel members met in Tel-Aviv for the Annual General Meeting

On 30 March Voices Israel members met in Tel-Aviv for the Annual General Meeting. Wendy Blumfield was elected President, Helen Bar-Lev was elected Secretary, Chanita Millman continues as treasurer and Ezra Ben-Meir continues as Poetry Page editor. Johnmichael Simon continues as webmaster of the Voices site:



Voices Israel Group of Poets in Israel Spring workshop, 5 May 2011–05–06

The attendees of 5.5 workshop, minus Wendy Blumfield who took the photo

With a break for a pot-luck lunch in the garden, 15 poets spent the day in Haifa working on five very diverse issues that affect their poetry genre and style.

Ada Aharoni who was a refugee from Egypt and is an activist in the Peace Movement presented the work of Wilfred Owen, the First World War soldier poet who wrote prolifically against war until he was killed in action at age 25. Dina Yehuda who lives in a religiou s v illage in the Galilee discussed Midrash as Muse: the story of Ruth and Boaz.

Ruth Fogelman who lives in the Old City of Jerusalem distributed poems by two African-American women poets, Maya Angelou and Gwendolyn Brooks, and the themes of freedom and feminism in their work.

In the afternoon, Lilian Cohen, an English teacher who worked for many years at the Leo Baeck High School in Haifa, read her poems that had been influenced by climate, geography and culture of location. Lilian is originally from Australia and now spends long periods of time in both countries. Finally, Eli Ben-Joseph, who teaches poetry and English literature in the Western Galilee College, presented the challenge of Prosody and set exercises using stressed and unstressed syllables and common meters.

An eclectic collection of poems were produced in the short time allotted for the writing exercises and these will appear in due course on the Voices web-site.

This is the poem Susan Rosenberg wrote in response to Lilian Cohen’s presentation:


Susan Rosenberg, IL


From The U.S.A. to Israel


I've been here so long
I've almost forgotten
the smell of snow
the colors of fall leaves
the sight of tidy lawns
the scent of their
newly mowed grass
heated or air-conditioned cocoons
cushions between us and reality
Once called upon to remember
it is all vividly returned
and were I there
would I be aware
of the pieces of here
that I most love?
I try to speak of it
but can't
like a young girl in love
I'm stammering
and inarticulate.



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