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L.B. Sedlacek, US


Free Verse

One Voice


All around the Jordan, He
proclaimed Isaiah’s words
to prepare the way and make
the paths straight
all the valleys full
and the hills and mountains low
the crooked straight
and the rough smooth
so that all flesh can see salvation
just by listening to one voice
crying out in the wilderness.



A Warrior In Our Midst


Your enemies have been turned away
there’s no need to fear disaster
your shame has been turned into praise
all judgments have been removed
and your enemies stopped in their tracks
for the warrior who brings praise and fortune
is in our midst
loudly singing his victory cry.



About L.B. Sedlacek, US


L.B. Sedlacek's poems have appeared in a variety of publications such as Audience Magazine, Hurricane Review, Assisi Journal, Red River Review, Tertulia Magazine, I-70 Review, InSpirit, Manorborn, Down in the Cellar, Edgar Literary Magazine, Heritage Writer, and Bear Creek Haiku. L.B. also hosts a podcast for the small press, "Coffee House to Go." L.B. Sedlacek is from Lenoir, NC.









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