Chen-ou Liu, CA






all that
remains of his dream...
new tombstone



honing a poem...
I think over the inside
of a Hallmark card



breezy beach
I see the world for two
in a sandcastle



pondering haiku...
cherry blossoms scatter
in the morning sun



out in the cold
my shadow walks
with me



silence punctuated
by falling snowflakes…
another dawn


rewriting haiku...
the veins on my right hand



Haiku Sequence


Femme Fatale


startled doves
fill the spring sky
her hand in mine

she takes
a huge bite from an apple
my mouth on hers

wedding notice
her photo still placed on
the glass tabletop

Easter morning
as promised, I pour myself
a glass of wine



Four Seasons of Love


watching the lake
swallow a spring sun
her crimson lips

the summer stars in her eyes
warm me up

maple leaves
falling all around us
we stop holding hands

cold moon…
the twin size bed creaks
under our bodies



Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter … and Spring


hare moon
a snake slithers
into tall grass

around and around
the pomegranate trees
a boy chases a girl

a maple leaf
zig-zags to the sidewalk
cicada's cries

yesterday fifteen inches
today three









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