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A Fold* Poem


Span of Eternity


The song of kiskadee in the morning
A prayer of thankfulness a new day
Swoo-oosh the sweeper's broom trawling
Clearing the streets to absorb the vibrancy
Of breath inhaled of life in the morning
Crisp and cool a brand new breeze
Twenty four hours a to-do list molding
Crams the vacuum with clutter chores
Pretty fancy stationery doodling
Charms of times structured with
The span of eternity begins in the morning



THE FOLD: An Experimental Short Form


by Gillena Cox


In 2007 Gillena Cox created the fold form. THE FOLD takes credibility from haiku; it shares moments which are special simply and exactly. Grasping the tools of juxtaposition and contrast, THE FOLD crafts itself into a rhyming form of ELEVEN lines—unlike its three lined haiku progenitor. There is one rhyme continuing throughout the poem, occurring at every other line: uneven lines rhyme. Lines ONE FIVE, and ELEVEN carry the same last phrase, to form the EDGES of the FOLD. Line ONE repeats at line FIVE which is the CREASE of the FOLD.

Why eleven lines? I was born on the eleventh day of the month.

"Mud"  in the February 2007 Sketchbook is an example of the FOLD

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