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Thirty-five Poets from these twelve countries wrote one-hundred-sixty-six poems for the "Hearts Haiku Thread: Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Finland, India, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Trinidad and Tobago, United States.

My first place pick:

distorted reflections—
long scratch
on the heart shaped mirror

# 64. Vania Stefanova, BG

I love this one. When one looks into the mirror one is fractured, seeing two parts of oneself. Why does one choose to continue to use that mirror instead of obtaining a new one? What is seen in the mirror? Her broken reflection or not that at all--past memories. This is really fascinating.


I love you...
she bites half the chocolate heart
I brought her

# 02. Chen-ou Liu, CA

Chen-ou Liu's haiku is symbolic of true love. Sharing of the heart, the life force. He takes only half as it takes two parts to complete them as one.


the old maid—
a gold heart still hangs
on her necklace

# 09. Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO

This is very pretty; it suggests hope everlasting. When I read it I see a sparkle to the gold.


an engraved heart
in the sand

# 14. Vania Stefanova, BG

This is enchanting, like castles in sand. No one wants to step on the dream.


heart transplant
he now soars on wings
of a poet's muse

# 19. Karin Anderson, AU

This is poignant. A change of heart/ A new life/ can another's heart transplanted maintain the soul of its owner?


on the dance floor
my heart
slowing to the beat

# 39. Bernard Gieske, US

The slowing down, shows complacency, one who has shared a
lifetime and is content.


hazy winter moon
the scent from the chocolate heart
under her foot

# 46. Chen-ou Liu, CA

This puzzles me a it under-foot as if like a hunter following the prey, or under 'her' foot as it suggests in the first line hazy, unsure, not sure-footed, or broken?


cop following me
speeding up
my heart

# 49. Bernard Gieske, US

a senyru...I think I would have arranged it like this:

a cop follows me
my heart speeding

I think it is funny rather than the usual slowing down when we see a cop.


my foolish heart—
where do you hide
all those feelings?

# 57. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

This is pensive the fact that we have knowledge and love does not necessarily lie in the brain, or perhaps we would never love, but how can it be in our heart, it is an organ like others, yet apart from others we can feel the pang of hurt or excitement directly in our heart, why is that a secret place?


his heart’s dips and coasts
but where is love?

# 73. Alegria Imperial, CA

This is one that steals away the explanations of technology. There is no machine thus far that can record the heart, soul of a human.


between two kisses
madness of a heart
and nothing else

# 76. Marija Pogorilic, CR

Yes, Lust! The heart can trick us, or is it the heart or yet another organ within us that can also control us that cannot be monitored or even stopped by the brain. Both love and lust are not a thinking process. How do we discern? Sometimes we cannot.


fetal tones—
the echo
of my heart

# 91. Cara Holman, US

That maternal feeling is so strong, so wonderful. Have you ever imagined yourself in the womb? Can you feel anything, does it bring back some sort of warmth or contentment? The feeling of being with child, so beautiful.


a Valentine card—
joy of pressing
the heart’s song

# 94. Karin Anderson, AU

I like this on different levels. The song of the heart...being able to press a button and hearing the heart's song...and also on a vision impaired level.


youth at the altar
she covers her son's heart
with white silk

# 106. Malvina Mileta, CR

This is moving and shows love on many levels. Honor, purity, hope, mother's love.


rose hip tea
the bloom has died
but soothes the heart

# 112. Neal Whitman, US

A wonderful haiku. That initial attraction we have to one another, usually visual, now turns into something else, something more rewarding and lasting in times of hardshipthe memory of the bloom or youth, soothes us.


starry night
above a smouldering fire
her freckles

# 123. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

This is very cute. We never know sometimes what someone will find endearing to them, when that arrow will strike us.


Valentine's Day
in my son's exercise book
a broken heart drawing

# 133. Jacek Margolak, PL

If I found this in my son's book, I would feel that pang of sadness, that he had already discovered what it is to love and to have his spirit broken for the first time.


first warm day
the candlelight dinner ends
with heartburn

# 147. Ralf Bröker, DE

Yeah I can understand this...sometimes these things happen when we want everything to be perfect...then suddenly...










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