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Terri L. French, US



Pris Campbell, US; Terri L. French, US; Heike Gewi, DE; Ramona Linke, DE; Malvina Mileta, CR; Shanna Baldwin Moore, US; Karen O'Leary, US; Marija Pogorilic, CR; Vera Primorac, CR; Russell Ragsdale, KZ; Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR; Zeljko V. Sepic, CR; Urszula Wielanowska, PL



Elizabeth Howard, US

March / April 30, 2011 Poem the Picture Contest

Shanna Baldwin Moore, US

Write a poem in any form for this Picture. Send our entry to by Midnight, Monday, April 25, 2011.  The winning poem will be published in the next issue of Sketchbook. Click here to see a full sized image: March / April  30, 2011.



Cover Art

Oliver Vernon, US: Painter ~ The Flood

Poem by Bernard Gieske, US

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Contest News & Announcements

Sketchbook January / February 2011 "east wind" Kukai Results

Sketchbook January / February 2011 "heart(s)" Haiku Thread

Sketchbook Results of January / February 28, 2011 Poem This Picture - Contest

The Winner is . . . Tomas O'Leary, US

The following Twelve poets from four countries contributed twelve poems to this contest:

Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă; Laryalee Fraser, CA; Bernard Gieske, US; Dan Hardison, US; M.J. Iuppa, US; Ramona Linke, DE; Jacek Margolak, PL; Tracy McPherson, US; Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO; Ruth Nott, US; Tomas O'Leary, US; L.B. Sedlacek, US

Countries: Canada, Germany, Poland, Romania, United States.


Writer's Handbook

Writer's Handbook Index




Global Correspondents

Connecting to Israel


by Helen-Bar Lev

Johnmichael Simon and Helen Bar-Lev invite you to visit their website; poetry, short stories, artwork, contest, publishing and more. Cyclamens and Swords Publishing.

Cyclamens and Swords Publishing March 2011 Newsletter

Cyclamens and Swords Publishing February 2011 Newsletter




Sketchbook Global Correspondents


John Tiong Chunghoo, Malaysia
Gillena Cox, Trinidad
Sally Evans, Scotland
Jan Oskar Hansen, Portugal
Helen Bar-Lev, Israel
Bob Lucky, Hangzhou, China
Cristian Mocanu, Romania  
Aju Mukhopadhyay, India
Rita Odeh, Israel
Kala Ramesh, India
E. E. Sule, Nigeria
Alegria Imperial, Canada

Various Correspondents will be featured from month to month.



Sketchbook is an E-Journal for 
Eastern and Western Short Verse Forms

In 2011 Sketchbook will be published on the last day of each month bi-monthly:  February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Submission deadline: 20th of each publishing month six times a year.

Submissions are open to the general public.

Send to:
Subject: Submission + Genre(s) + Author Name

Renhai Editor, Vaughn Seward:

Read the complete submission guidelines


Announcing the March / April 30, 2011 "Spring's end" Kukai

The March / April 30, 2011 Kukai is "Spring's end"See The Haiku Handbook, William J. Higginson, p. 267. Use the exact words "Spring's end"  in the haiku. No more than a total of three haiku may be submitted. Haiku submitted to the kukai should not be work shopped, appear on-line in forums, or in print.


Author, Country

"Spring's end" kukai

Submissions: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 – Sunday, April 17, 2011 Midnight.

Voting: Monday, April 18, 2011 - Monday, April 25, 2011, Midnight.

The results will be published in the Monday, February 28, 2011 Sketchbook 6-1  Results of the March / April 30, 2011 "Spring's end" Kukai.

Letters to the Sketchbook editors and discussions on various forums indicate that some assumptions about a kukai must be spelled out. From now on (April 1, 2008), Haiku entered in the Sketchbook kukai must be  previously unpublished; they must not be work shopped; they must not appear on any list, forum, group, blog, or in print. In short, if the haiku has appeared on the internet or in print we consider it to have been published. The voting in a kukai is anonymous and publication anywhere voids anonyminity. Any haiku found to be previously published will be disqualified.

A kukai is a peered review poetry contest. A haiku Topic is assigned by the editor. An 'anonymized' list of submitted haiku is then distributed to all participating poets and they are invited to vote. Votes are returned to the editor who tallies the votes and publishes the haiku for the participants, this time with names and points revealed.


Announcing the March / April 30, 2011 "flower(s) / bouquet" Haiku Thread

The theme of the March / April 30, 2011 haiku thread will be ... "flower(s) / bouquet", flowers of any kind in the northern or southern hemisphere

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the "flower(s) / bouquet" Haiku Thread.

Subject Line: March/April 2011
"flower(s) / bouquet" Haiku Thread

Deadline: Midnight Monday, April 25, 2011


Author, Country

All Haiku received will be posted daily on-line at March / April 30, 2011 "Flower(s) / Bouquet Haiku Thread

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the Saturday, April 30, 2011 Sketchbook.










Sketchbook Special Features

January / February 28, 2011 Sketchbook Vol. 6, No. 1


Poetry Genres

Featuring Sketchbook Poets

Featuring Sketchbook II Poets: Shanna's Beat

Featuring childwriter's sketchbook Poets: Celine Rose Mariotti, US; Diane Mayr, US; Karen O'Leary, US; Brian Strand, UK; Neal Whitman, US

Little Black Book: Bernard Gieske, US; Paul Ingrassia, US

Sketchbook Index for January / February 28, 2011

Announcements Index

A - M  Sketchbook Biographies

N - Z  Sketchbook Biographies

State Poet Laureate Information

Eastern Genre

Haibun: Thomas Martin, US

Haigay: Betty Kaplan, Marlene Buitelaar, NL; Max Verhart, NL

Haiku: Radostina A. Angelova, BG; Willie R. Boncaron, PH; John Daleiden, US; Victor P. Gendrano, US; Elizabeth Howard, US; Chen-ou Liu, CA; P. K. Padhy, IN; Rebecca Saxon, US; Vania Stefanova, BG

Rengay: Willie R. Bongcaron, PH; Lady M (Emmke), BE

Renhai: Gillena Cox, TT; John Daleiden, US; Heike Gewi, DE/YE; Dr. Vidur Jyoti, IN; Walter Mathois, AU; Jerry McKenzie, CA; Vaughn Seward, CA; Janice Thomson, CA

Renku: Eiko Yachimoto, JP; Linda Papanicolaou, US and Valeria Simonova-Cecon; Robert Naczas, PL and Jacek Margolak, PL; Sue Stanford, AU

Tanka, Tanka Prose, and Taiga: Victor P. Gendrano, US; Chen-ou Liu, CA; Charles Tarlton, US

Western Genre

Balassi Stanza: Reason A. Poteet, US

Cinquain: Dan Hardison, US; Shanna Baldwin Moore, US

Experimental Forms: The Fold; Footles; Perfect SixGillena Cox, TT; Karen O'Leary, US; Brian Strand, UK

Free Verse: Christopher Barnes, UK; Carolyn Devonshire, US; Doug Draime, US; Joseph Farley, US; Ed Galing, US; Elizabeth Howard, US; Maude Larke, FR; Chen-ou Liu, CA; Celine Rose Mariotti, US; Cameron Mount, US; Chris G. Vaillancourt, CA; Neal Whitman, US

Prose Poem: Paul Ingrassia, US

Quatrain: Bernard Gieske, US

Rondel: Sandra Martyres, IN; Writer's Handbook: Rondel

Sonnet: Munia Khan, BD

Triple Quatrain: Brian Strand, UKDDD

Villanelle: Munia Khan, BD

Yugen: Valentin Dishev, BG; Vania Stefanova, BG; Nelly Dobrinova, BG


For Earthquake Victims in Japan

Please place an order for your copy of wind arrow 2 and we will donate the proceeds we receive by selling Wind Arrow 2 .

~Eiko Yachimoto editor,
wind arrow 2: Click here for details


Featuring Ekphrastic Poetry

Karin Anderson, AUEkphrastic Poem: You Melted Me

Karin Anderson, AUEkphrastic Poem: Double Shakespearian Sonnet: From A Winter Window Sweden

Karin Anderson, AUEkphrastic Poem: Trilogy of the Sea

Laryalee Fraser, CAEkphrastic Quatrain: Heavenly Music

Bernard Gieske, US and Julee M. Hutchinson, USEkphrastic Poem: Summer Storm Lifting

Bernard Gieske, US and John Michael Carter, USEkphrastic Acrostic: Morning Has Broken

Bernard Gieske, US and John Michael Carter, USEkphrastic Free Verse: Paper and Silk

Bernard Gieske, US, and Ted Polomis, USEkphrastic Free Verse: Cat's in the Cradle

Bernard Gieske, US, and Ted Polomis, USEkphrastic Couplets: Fire Sale

Bernard Gieske, US and Oliver Vernon, USEkphrastic Free Verse: The Flood

Bernard Gieske, US and John Pototschnik, USEkphrastic Poem: Rhymed Couplets: Silence

Iolanda Scripca: Ekphrastic Free Verse: No one at the Window



Read Let US Pray

Eighteen Poets from six countries participated.

Karin Anderson, AU; Mark Dohle, US; Joseph Farley, US; Rolland Fletcher, US; Laryalee Fraser, CA; Bernard Gieske, US; Robert C. Howard, US; Evica Kraljic, CR; Sandra Martyres, IN; Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN; Ruth Y. Nott, US; Sergio Ortiz, US; Reason A. Poteet, US; Vera Primkorac, CR; L.B. Sedlacek, US; Brian Strand, UK; Linda Sutton, AU; Spiros Zafiris, CA

Australia, Canada, Croatia, India, United Kingdom, United States


Generative Art Feature

Judi Suni Hall, CA


Featured Art Photography

Photo Art Gallery

by Iolanda Scripca, US


Art Feature

Art Gallery

A Visit to the Mueso del Prado

by Norman J. Olson


Experimental Poetry

Perfect Six Poem; The Fold

Brian Strand, UK; Gillena Cox, TT


Contributing Editor Doug Holder

Ed Galing: Poet Of the Greatest Generation


Contributing Editor Helen Bar-Lev

Interview with Michael Stone

Poems of Michael Stone, IL


Contributing Editor Jeff Sphar-Summers

The Poetry VictimsVol. 8, Issue 2

Featuring Photography by Sarah Herrington; Poetry by Lyn Lifshin and
J.A. Spahr-Summers; collaborative Photography by Nicole Turiano and ZZ

Read ZZ BagginsNot Quite so Personal and Irregular Diary


Enter the Book Fair

January / February, 2011 Featured Books Information

Joseph Farley: Longing For The Mother Tongue
Doug Draime: Rock 'n Roll Jizz
Aju Mukhopadhyay: Short Verse Delight & Insect's Nest and Other Poems

Book Fair: All Featured Book List


January / February 28, 2011 "east wind" Kukai Results

    First Place: Ramona Linke, DE

    Second Place Tie: Catherine J.S. Lee, US and Ramona Linke, DE

    Third Place four way tie:  Bill Cooper, US; Haike Stehr, DE; Marlene Hulst, NL (2 haiku)

Twenty-six haiku poets from twelve countries contributed seventy-one haiku to the "east wind" Kukai

Read the "east wind" Kukai Results

Congratulations to the January / February 28, 2011 "east wind" Kukai winners:


Authors: Willie R. Bongcaron, PH; Ralf Bröker, DE; Bouwe Brouwer, NL; Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă, FR; Bill Cooper, US; Bernard Gieske, US; Cara Holman, US; Marleen Hulst, NL; Alegria Imperial, CA; Munia Khan, BG; Ramona Linke, DE; Jacek Margolak, PL; Thomas Martin, US; Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO; Alex Serban, RO; Keith A. Simmonds, TT; Heike Stehr, DE; Brian Strand, UK; Vania Stefanova, BG; Juhani Tikkanen, FN; Neal Whitman, US

Countries: Canada, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Philippians, Poland, Romania, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States


Editor's Choice "heart(s)" Haiku Thread

Karina's Choices: My Choices and Comments

John's Choices: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

Guest Editor Bernard Gieske's Choices: Dimension of Images, Senses, Feelings

Read the January / February 28, 2011 "heart(s) Haiku Thread


Thirty-four Poets from twelve countries wrote one-hundred-sixty-six poems for the "Hearts Haiku Thread.

Karin Anderson, AU; Sanjukta Asopa; Priyanka Bhowmick, IN; Willie R. Bongcaron, PH; Alan S. Bridges, US; Bouwe Brouwer, NL; Ralf Bröker, DE; Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă; John Daleiden, US;  Joseph Farley, US; Bernard Gieske, US; Cara Holman, US; Marleen Hulst, NL; Alegria Imperial, CA; Krzysztof Kokot, PL; Jacek Margolak, PL; Munia Khan, BD; Chen-ou Liu, CA; Sandra Martyres, IN; Malvina Mileta, CR; Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO; Karen O'Leary, US; Marija Pogorilic, CR; Chitra Rajappa, IN; Alex Serban, RO; Keith A. Simmonds, TT; Vania Stefanova, BG; Heike Stehr, DE; Juhani Tikkanen, FN; Maria Tirenescu, RO; Sunil Uniyal, IN; Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR;  Neal Whitman, US; Monika Wojtenka, PL

Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Finland, India, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Trinidad and Tobago, United States

John's "first snow" Nov/Dec 2010 Choices: Brrrr!  It Is Cold Outside


From the Editor's Chair


Karina Klesko, US and John Daleiden, US





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