Aubrie Cox, US






cicadas' whine
summer sinking
deep in my bones



slow lunch hour
the owners speak
in their native tongue



oars in and out
of the mist



rickety treehouse ladder
parents fighting
down below



late summer night
i trip over that same
bump in the sidewalk



backyard sprinkler
a leaf spirals
into late summer



autumn chill
I drive past
my old stalker



horse chestnuts
she says she'll try
to forgive me



in the corner booth
so much to say
my tea lukewarm



paper crane silhouette
on the shoji screen—
child's cough



sudden downpour
all the poets
write faster



sunbaked gravestone
a drop of sake



out of
the snowstorm—
a grey heron



wet hair
smell of baked apples
from the kitchen



About Aubrie Cox


Aubrie Cox is a lifelong resident of Blue Mound, Illinois. She is currently studying English literature and writing at Millikin University, where she first began studying haiku in 2008. Since then, her poems have appeared in publications such Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest, tinywords, bottlerockets, and Notes From the Gean. In her spare time, Aubrie also enjoys bookbinding and photography.










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