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Index to Let US Pray Feature

Sketchbook is extending an invitation around the world for submissions of prayer, inspiration and heart felt encouraging poetry submissions for this new section of the Sketchbook Journal.

The goal of the Sketchbook editors is to hear from all faiths and peoples on a Global Scale. The more people who participate and read the more our hearts will become one. Surely a heart that envelops the world can make changes and differences in lives.

We can make a difference and wipe away all the divisions that have arisen because of different belief systems. Let us all love and respect one another in one accord.

Please send your poems and prayers to:

The September / October 31 Let Us Pray Feature Index

Writers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,

Participants in the November / December 2010 Let Us Pray Feature

Karen Clausel, US; Joseph Farley, US; Terri L. French, US; Bernard Gieske, US; Sandra Martyres, IN; Rosemary Mckinley, US; Vasile Moldovan, RO; Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO; Rita Odeh, IL; Karen O'Leary, US; Brian Strand, UK; Janice Thomson, CA; Spiros Zafiris, CA

Canada, Israel, Romania, United Kingdom (England); United States

Countries: 1,2,3,4,5

Karen Clausel, US—Free Verse Also Known As (AKA)

Sandra Corona: A Prayer in Rememberance of Loved Ones, Free Verse: Dare To Dream

Joseph Farley, US—Free Verse: Neo Psalm 2, Neo Psalm 51

Terri L. French, US—Free Verse: Untitled

Bernard Gieske, US—Free Verse: Flowing Waters

Sandra Martyres, INFree Verse: Prayer, Free Verse: Divine Presence

Rosemary Mckinley, USFree Verse: The Light Within Me

Vasile Moldovan, RO—Haiku Sequence: Even Prayer

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, ROHaiku

Rita Odeh, ILPhoto Haiga: Oh Lord

Karen O'Leary, US—Free Verse: Our Nation's Heroes

Amy S. Pacini, US—Free Verse: Marvelous Messiah, Petition for Piety, Celestial Guardian

Cris Staubach, US: Cinquain: Some Sacred Sounds

Brian Strand, UK: Free Verse: Worship

Janice Thomson, CA—Free Verse: Let Me Be The One

Spiros Zafiris, CA: The Prayer Of Cleansing Patience


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