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Samantha -

This is a topic that fills books, so a paragraph will be terse indeed, but here goes.

My name is Ignatius Fay, PhD, and I live in Ontario, Canada.

As far as I am concerned, in a nut shell, patriotism encompasses a love of and appreciation for you country, coupled inextricably with a desire to contribute positively towards making it the best that it can be and being willing to make commitments of time, energy and money towards that end. It means taking an active interest in the political system, assessing the performance and platforms of the various parties and individuals, making up your own mind as to whom would best represent you towards your vision of a great country, then getting out faithfully and exercising your vote. This does not include blind, uncritical acceptance of what leaders tell you and the laws they pass. They are as human and fallible as the rest of us. A patriotic person keeps a close eye and when he/she sees something he/she feels is wrong, it is his/her duty to become actively involved and work toward motivating others to use their vote to make change, to elect officials that will endorse the proper vision of what the country should be. A patriot obeys the laws of the land, even if she disagrees. If she disagrees, she gets involved and tries to motivate change. Patriotic acts begin in one's own home, spread to the community and, from there, to the country as a whole. Being a positive force in your community and a valid role model for your children and youth in general are as important and powerful as running for federal office. A patriot endeavors to raise children to obey laws, take responsibility for themselves, take and interest in the workings and direction of the country and, over all, be a positive contributor to society. Finally, if it comes to that, the patriot will be willing to die in defense of the country and the people that live there. This, again, does not mean blind following leaders into wars of aggression or of economic importance - the threat must be directly aimed at the country and the way of life it espouses.

As I said, really brief.

~Ignatius Fay, Ontario, Canada


Ignatius Fay grew up in Levack, Ontario, Canada and now resides in nearby Sudbury. His love of words, language and learning extends back to those early years. He holds a PhD in Invertebrate Paleontology, but became unable to work due to severe lung/heart disease in 1986. He was introduced to the Japanese poetic form, Haiku, by an accomplished practitioner, and has been writing Haiku and Senryu since 1990.

Some of his work has appeared in small, local publications and collections, the Mensa Canada Newsletter, Heron's Nest and The Haiku Canada Anthology. In 2008 he self-published a collection, Haiga Moments: Pens and Lens, that included some of his more contemporary Haiku chosen and illustrated by a talented new photographer, Ray Belcourt.

His motivation is to keep writing - striving to capture the moment. Even though he fears "a lot is crap, he has learned not to throw anything away".









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