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"I'm kind of old now (63) and have actively participated in my country's well being my entire life. I can say "I am a patriot". But, in that, I must say it with a different mind set than I might have used 30 years ago.

Being very patriotic requires a country and political system that also helps make you feel that way. Today, in the USA, it's more one-sided than anytime in its history - we are used by the government instead of governed by them. We are taxed without seeing much benefit and useless laws are passed by the thousands that most of us don't even know exist. Yes, today it's a different atmosphere for us all.

I remain patriotic and would defend our country with my life. But, I would also challenge the country, if given a chance, to return to the dignity, honor, respect and hard work that made us a great and worthy country in the first place. It's a two way street: we work hard for the country and the country works hard for us."


~Don Baird, US


Don Baird is an internationally known and respected martial arts teacher and poet. For the past ten years or so he has been specializing in eastern poetry forms such as haiku and tanka. He has been published in ezines and magazines including Simply Haiku several times. He won third place in the International Kusamakura Haiku Contest two years in a row. Recently, he took first place in his division in the Shokon Tadashi Kondo Award. For the last five years he has been teaching advanced haiku studies for a poetry site of almost 200,000 members. A teacher: a student. Don remains committed to his journey of a haijin.









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