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Dear Samantha,

To me, patriotism means doing all I can to make the promises of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution come true for as many of my fellow-citizens as possible. Those promises are summed up in these two basic tenets:

1. All people are created equal.
2. All people have the inalienable right to life, liberty,
    and  the pursuit of happiness.

For me, patriotism also includes praying for our nation every day, that its people would all abide by God's love and that our elected leaders would faithfully carry out their appointed duties without dishonesty or favoritism.

Good luck with your assignment!

~Craig Tigerman, Rock Island, IL USA

-- "Today is a gift -- that's why it's called the present."


Craig Tigerman was born and raised in Chicago and has lived in Illinois for over 50 years with an eye on south Florida. He has published two volumes of poetry, Indigo Avenue and Tigertale, selections from over 30 years of writing. Craig is most comfortable writing structured lyrical poetry, having also composed many dozens of original songs. "Rhythm and rhyme are key to making a poem memorable," he states. Craig is married, has four children and two grandsons. By day he is a software support specialist for a well-known computer company. He fervently prays daily for a massive outbreak of peace and love throughout the world.









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