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Dear Samantha,

Here in AUSTRALIA we are also very patriotic, but I think we show it in a different way from the USA. Like the USA we are a multi-cultural nation. I myself was born in Australia, but my ancestors came here from Germany and from Ireland.

Of course we have a national flag ; but we do not fly the flag, or salute it at schools.

We have a 'national anthem' which all children learn to sing. We do not play or sing the anthem very often, though...except when we win medals at international sports' meets.

AUSTRALIA is a very sporting nation.We have a small population (23 million) but are much more successful at the Olympics, for example, than the European nations, or Canada etc. We have an extremely high degree of success in all sports, especially swimming and tennis, relative to the size of our population.

We are also very proud of our artists, musicians, writers, actors, and film-makers.

Also our scientists ; Australian scientists and medical researchers have won several Nobel prizes. Again our success in that area is high compared to our small population.

We have a British style parliament, with a Prime Minister and Governor-General, who is the Queen's representative.

I should mention that we have compulsory voting for electing our parliamentary members.

It is considered the patriotic duty of every Australian citizen over the age of 20 to vote in elections, whether they are for local, state, or national government.

I hope this information is useful.


~Amelia Fielden, Australia









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