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Seánan Forbes, US


Free Verse

You are Love


You are love.
In the golden rose
of sunrise,
you are love,
lifting me into
and secure.
You, quiet, tender,
still in delight;
you, roused, protective,
fierce in defence;
you, riddled with laughter,
salted with tears,
are love:
your hand my comfort,
breath my warm wind,
gaze my soft moonlight.
Your presence
is sustenance,
your strength
the hidden
roots of forests,
deep, rich, unseen,
seaming my earth
with secret life.
Your breast
is all my ease,
when fatigue
heavies my head
or grief leadens
my eyes.
You are the song
that sings my dreams,
the story that tells
my life.
As I fade at evening’s end,
you set me into night;
your voice larking the air
and borne through my bones,
whispers to me
what I know
to be true
of you,
saying, softly,
‘You are love.’



You . . .


You are my pulse
and the rise of silence
between each beat
and its follower.

You, my ribs’ desire
to swell and draw
the breath of life.

You, the light
that informs my eyes.

Even when distant,
your voice is the breeze
that cools my fevers.

Even in absence,
yours are the footsteps
that pace mine
on the endless road.









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