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F. N. Wright, US


Free Verse

a prayer for peace


as a veteran
of U.S. Naval Amphibious Forces
for four years
I was deployed overseas three times
& am a veteran of the Quemoy-Matsu Island Crisis
& Vietnam.

during those years I spent time
in about 24 cities in a dozen or so countries.
though our money was welcome
we were not in most countries.

The Vietnam War was ugly, brutal & we did not
belong there yet I am proud of my service
to our country.

we are once again embroiled in not one
but two wars in countries we have no business
being in & like Vietnam
we will leave as losers not winners.

not because of our troops but because of our politicians.

I pray one day we citizens of the United States
stand together in prayer & demand that our politicians
do not create wars but promote peace
so the people of other countries
will see us as we really are...

kind, caring & giving people.










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