Vladislav Hristov, BG







English Translation by Maya Lyubenova, BG


the last night
of summer
each on a separate bed



in each sack
sea in a bottle
summer train



among the Easter cakes
a sleeping mouse
the resurrection



I’m not alone
a lost dog
shares my lunch



maize on the roof
at noon



cat shooed away
only she saw
the meteor shower



if only I’d picked them
last night
muddy chrysanthemums



I’ve read it so many times
right now
two uncut pages



the dog still meets me
with joy



37th frame
the photographer’s



About Vladislav Hristov, BG


My name is Vladislav Hristov and I've been writing haiku in Bulgarian for some years. This year ten of my haiku won first place in the Third Bulgarian National Haiku Contest. These haiku were all written in Bulgarian and translated by Maya Lyubenova, Bulgaria

This is Vladislav Hristov's, BG's first appearance in Sketchbook.









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