Dina Jehuda, IL




Free Verse




My father walked to his Chuppah
having lost
three younger sisters
his brother
everything he loved
in the world

where Shabbos was Shabbos
where they would hold weddings
in the old square on Friday afternoons
and the whole town came
and then went home for Shabbat dinner
He told me that those were
the happiest weddings he had ever been to

Despite all he lost
Despite the orphan years
in the dead frozen woods,
My life
My children’s and their children’s lives-
Because he walked down that aisle.



Fear not the Terror of Night


nor the arrow that flies by day
nor the blasts of the bombers,
you were lifted into Lebanon,
placed gently down
and as you watched,
the helicopter taking off for home
blew up.

Fear not
as you lie in the dark
remembering Mike
who was not saved
from the arrows by day,
from the terror at night.

Fear not
the plague that walks in darkness
a thousand fall at your side
but none will touch you
not a stone will hurt your feet,
angels watch your every step
hold you in their hands
love you like mothers and fathers.

As you stand at the window
In a village whose name
I can’t pronounce,
you are vulnerable
eternal and beautiful
as the David in Florence
as the singer of Psalms

God’s voice shatters the cedars of Lebanon
your voice, son,
your voice shatters my heart.



The Road to You


A soldier was
watching the moonscape
of the Jordan Valley in August
staring at the dust
of the empty road
waiting for me
to get off that bus
at just that forsaken stop.

Like a breath exhaled,
like a stone warming in the sun,
like the clasp of one hand in another,
we dreamt you that day, my son.



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