Julie Laing, US




Double Etheree




is it:
A feeling,
an emotion,
so elemental
you could etch it into
the red rock wall overhead,
carve deeply so that others will—
when floating on the river below—
look up and catch a glimpse as they go by.

They might revere the ancient engravings—
their meaning faded by rain, snow, sun—
but this sketch is so powerful.
Although new, all would see it
for what it really is—
art, not graffiti,
filled with meaning
and timeless:
A pure



About Julie Laing, US

Julie Laing feels she has always been a writer and editor. Her poetry has been published in Chapman University’s literary journal, Calliope; in her chapbook, Tracks; and online at the Thursday Poets’ Rally. Her music criticism and reporting appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. Julie enjoys reading her poetry at local venues and sharing her poems through her blog   She earns her living as a self-employed editor from her home in Creston, Montana.

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