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Experimental Poetry


I first came across a 'quaternion' in the poetry of the 'first American published poet ' Anee Bradstreet. Quaternion is a poetry style where the theme is divided into four, the word being derived from the Latin word quatern, meaning four by four. The poem maybe in any poetic form.

Here are two compositions; the first poem is in a 'fulton' form.



Quaternion 'Fulton'


F  O  R  E  S  T
F  U  N  G  A  L
F  O  R  A  Y  S
L  I  T  T  E  R
A  U  T  U  M  N


A  R  C  T   I  C
F  R  E  E   Z  E
W  A  R  M   E  R
B  R  E  E   Z  E
W  I  N  T   E  R
F  L  O  O   D  S


G  O  L  D  E  N
Y  E  L  L  O  W
C  A  T  K  I  N
W  I  L  L  O  W
G  R  E  E  T  S
S  P  R  I  N  G


B  O  N  F  I  R  E
B  U  R  N  I  N  G
C  O  M  P  O  S  T
T  U  R  N  I  N  G
S  I  G  N  A  L  S
S  U  M  M  E  R  S
P  A  S  S  I  N  G



Rhymed Quatrains




When the buds are tender green
And the fig leaves begin to sprout
None will mistake the end time scene,
The earth itself will shout.

Upon a horse, faithful and true,
He returns on a cloud,
As, in the air He comes into view
Every knee is bowed.

The book of life is opened, last
Sin meets it's heart's desire;
The deceiver and the deceived, cast
Into the lake of fire.

Water, clear as crystal now, flows
Reviving, the once dead;
Those faithful, who Jesus knows,
haveHis name on their forehead.

A new earth, no more fire, sunlight or sea,
But living water that heals, thee and me.









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