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Ekphrastic Poetry


Bernard Gieske, Poet, US and Nicholas Petrucci, Painter, US


painting by Nicholas Petrucci, USP


IL Tuono/Thundering


light’ning flashes
fiery lances
piercing earth’s skin
trembling, shaking
with thunder’s rumble

all night’s creatures
frozen in fright
slinking into
darker shadows
none too dark

a coal-black stallion
advancing through
the Devil’s night
dazzling, dashing
its fluid flanks
glist’ning like steel
clashing with
shattered rays of light

his inner strength
welling up from
some deeper source
guided by wise,
unwavering eyes
overpowering all
external forces
like a steady
riding the rails
thundering forward
slicing through
a curtain of
hell-bent blackness

some see beauty
and want to capture it
––– only in dreams
others possess
an internal vision
––– painting their dream


Nicholas Petrucci lives in Bay Pointe, Naples Cay, Flordia with his wife Connie Bransilver, an internationally known nature photographer, artist, author and speaker who has photographed on all seven continents.

Nicholas’ paintings have been featured in American Art Collector, Southwest Art, Estate Lifestyles, Naples Art & Antiques, Naples Winter Wine Festival, Showcase Southwest Florida Entertainment, Bonita Banner and others. Nicholas lectures at museums and aboard ships on classical art.

His paintings and drawings have won highest honors in competitions throughout the country.

Two influences determined my direction in art. The first was being fortunate to visit several art museums in Europe as a child. I was impressed by the drama and technical mastery of the Old Masters that seem to make the paintings so life-like. Because the classical skills were not offered at the university level during my art education, I began to study the concepts of traditional painting on my own, to teach myself the language of what seemed to be the lost art of classical portraiture. This research taught me to incorporate grace, beauty and dignity into my paintings, the very attributes I admired as a child.

The second influence came from Oscar Wilde in The Picture of Dorian Gray; “To paint life’s experiences into each portrait.” He validated my choices with his statement, “Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty,” as did Pope John Paul II with “Artists express themselves to the point where their work becomes a unique disclosure of their own being.” Both together formed my direction and passion in portraiture.

Therefore, I believe that to create a beautiful likeness that reveals our own character is what makes a painting memorable.

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