September / October 2010 "fall trees" Haiku Thread




Announcing the September / October 2010 "fall trees" Haiku Thread

The theme of the September / October 2010 haiku thread will be anything to do with "fall trees" in either the southern and / or northern hemispheres. It is not necessary to use the words  "fall trees".

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the "fall trees" Haiku Thread.

Subject Line: SepOct "fall trees" haiku thread.

Deadline: Midnight Tuesday, October 26, 2010.


Author, Country

All Haiku received will be posted daily on-line at September / October  2010 "fall trees" Haiku Thread.

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the Sunday, October 31, 2010 Sketchbook.


Read the October 31, 2010 Editor's Choices:  Editor Karina Klesko, Editor John Daleiden


The following poets have contributed to the September / October 31 "fall trees" Haiku Thread


Thirty-nine Haiku Poets from fifteen countries composed one hundred and seventy-one haiku to celebrate the fall season represented in this Thread:

Karin Anderson, AU; Priyanka Bhowmick, IN; Ralf Bröker, DE; Bouwe Brouwer, NL; Chen-ou Liu, CA; Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă, RO; Leonard J. Cirino, US; Magdalena Dale, RO; John Daleiden, US; William Doreski, US; Claire Everett, UK; Ignatius Fay, CA; Bernard Gieske, US; Gabor G. Gyukics, HU / US; Dan Hardison, US; Cara Holman, US; Marlene Hulst, NL; Alegria Imperial, CA; Munia Khan, BD; Patricia Lidya, RO; Jacek Margolak, PL; Thomas Martin, US; Sandra Martyres, IN; Diane Mayr, US; Malvina Mileta, CR; Vasile Moldovan, RO; Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN; Karen O'Leary, US; Verica Peacock, CR/UK; Marija Pogorilic, CR; Reason A. Poteet, US; Alex Serban, RO; Keith A. Simmonds, TT; Janice Thomson, CA; Maria Tirenescu, RO; Sunil Uniyal, IN; Sasa Vazic, SR; Neal Whitman, US; Ashley Wood, UK

Australia, Bangaladesh, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, India, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Trinidad and Tobago, Romania, Serbia, United Kingdom, United States

job hunting...
a yellow leaf drifts
from branch to branch

# 01. Chen-ou Liu, CA

acorns underfoot
children raking leaves
to the wood's edge

# 02. Thomas Martin, US

fall trees

I am told the sorrows
of a street sweeper

# 03. Heike Gewi, DE

scared squirrel
looking for shelter—
fall forest trees

# 04. Alex Serban, RO

newspaper left
under an amber maple—
one leaf flies away

# 05. Janice Thomson, CA

early autumn
a sole maple leaf
in my roof

# 06. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

Autumn showers chase
Fallen cherry tree leaves
A dry dirt road

# 07. Gabor G Gyukics, HU / US

Month of Little Snow,
the persimmons ripen late.
All night long the moon.

# 08. Leonard J. Cirino, US

One dry owl pellet,
Contrails folded into blue,
A last brown flutter.

# 09. William Doreski, US

a chill
seeps into the gingko leaves—
she folds the day bed

# 10. Alegria Imperial, CA

late summer storm—
a basket of walnuts scattered
under the tree

# 11. Marija Pogorilic, CR

red confetti
litters the yard
barren maple

# 12. Karen O'Leary, US

your petulance—
the trees along the lane
jujube colors

# 13. Ignatius Fay, CA

paulownia leaves
stumbling in the morning dew...
a tinge of sadness

# 14. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

first day of autumn
a maple leaf
falls soundlessly

# 15. Cara Holman, US

a plastic bag
caught in the maple tree
autumn dusk

# 16. Chen-ou Liu, CA


one mulberry leaf
falls in my lap—
my husband aroused

# 17. Heike Gewi, DE

crescent moon
reclining on clouds...
the maple stands alone

# 18. Chen-ou Liu, CA

leaves fall—
do the trees know the forest
will be soon cut down?

# 19. Heike Gewi, DE

maple leaves
drifting in the wind
a piece of my mind

# 20. Chen-ou Liu, CA

fall trees—
basket full of leaves
due to wind

# 21. Alex Serban, RO

mist thickens—
the space between my trees
more and more

# 22. Janice Thomson, CA

fall in the garden
a heap of yellow leaves
beautifying the lawn

# 23. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

sunset painting
ready to be framed—
autumn leaves

24. Janice Thomson, CA

waiting for new leaves
a large oak tree
beside the road

# 25. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

teach me leaf,
how to curl restless thought
autumn wind

26. Janice Thomson, CA

Pale green persimmons,
wild as beasts or madmen’s minds
smiling in the breeze.

# 27. Leonard J. Cirino, US

one twig at a time—
entries for memorials

# 28. Alegria Imperial, CA

Off to the north, plums
purple, some still green, the sweet
odors call me home.

# 29. Leonard J. Cirino, US

losing the crown
of the willow tree—
the autumn moon

# 30. Alegria Imperial, CA

Shriek talk! Shriek talk! Shriek!
A squadron of stellar jays,
one and then the next.

# 31. Leonard J. Cirino, US

from fuschia
to gold—
the same azalea

# 32. Alegria Imperial, CA

Fly, dark falling leaves,
sleep, close the eye of madness,
let it plead with faith.

# 33. Leonard J. Cirino, US

losing its hue
not only its scent—
the lilac tree

# 34. Alegria Imperial, CA

an oak forest—
several pigs eating
the acorns

# 35. Marija Pogorilic, CR

shedding leaves
a hundredth time—
the chestnut grove

# 36. Alegria Imperial, CA

stormy wind
the shadow of a cypress
jumps over the roof

# 37. Marija Pogorilic, CR

in the autumn frame—
eyes on cypress hedge

# 38. Alegria Imperial, CA

cemetery at dusk—
night silence guards
an owl on the cypress

# 39. Marija Pogorilic, CR

sunset flare
fades on maple flame—
crackle of fallen leaves

# 40. Alegria Imperial, CA

phone wires
between two tree tops—
a balloon stumbles

# 41. Marija Pogorilic, CR

puppy buries
bone under rug of leaves—
autumn memoir

# 42. Alegria Imperial, CA

deep red maple
leaves unchanged in fall
until they fall

# 43. Ignatius Fay, CA

roosting crow
so stark in the maple tree—
autumn sketch book

# 44. Alegria Imperial, CA

falling autumn leaves
nature’s recycling program
renewal — not death

# 45. Ignatius Fay, CA

weary leaves tumble
in the morning sunlight...
a maple tree shakes

# 46. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

cold, damp and dreary
empathizing with fall leaves
everyone is down

# 47. Ignatius Fay, CA

hungry birds
pausing on the branches
of a persimmon

# 48. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

wind storm
birch bark harmonies
fleeing yellow leaves

# 49. Ignatius Fay, CA

raindrops glisten
on the swaying branches:
eucalyptus blooms

# 50. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

when it comes
the news is all bad
—leaves are turning

# 51. Ignatius Fay, CA

the trees change
from Summer to fall colours—
red and orange hues

# 52. Sandra Martyres, IN

trees almost bare
home from Afghanistan
honor guard

# 53. Ignatius Fay, CA

strong winds of change
whistle through the trees—
a carpet of leaves

# 54. Sandra Martyres, IN

crimson maples
chinook salmon
find their way home

# 55. Cara Holman, US

Russet coloured leaves
Falling with gay abandon
Disrobing the trees

# 56. Sandra Martyres, IN

Halloween night
an oak leaf skitters
across dry pavement

# 57. Cara Holman, US

early morning
a nude birch bathing
in the river

# 58. Malvina Mileta, CR

a fragrant acacia
blossoming with loneliness—
beware the thorns

# 59. Marija Pogorilic, CR

rainy weather—
the rain swollen stream jogs
around a tall tree

# 60. Malvina Mileta, CR

the long line of cars
creeping along Rural Route Three
maple madness

# 61. Neal Whitman, US

a grey sky:
shimmering red maples
in the morning mist

# 62. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

the ten point buck
leaping over a fallen tree
a ringing shot

# 63. Neal Whitman, US

black clouds bustling
across the silky sky...
wind in the chestnuts

# 64. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

oak leaves
their crunch more vivid
than their color

# 65. Diane Mayr, US

after the night squall
hosts of sumptuous pears
under the pear trees

# 66. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

maple trees
midway through autumn
a softer red

# 67. Diane Mayr, US

sunny day
the old tree bears the colours
of a children's globe

# 68. Ralf Bröker, DE

they surround the tree—
red marvel

# 69. Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN

under this tree
I am a falling leaf

# 70. Ralf Bröker, DE

they vacate the tree—
maple leaves

# 71. Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN

the old man
asks for work

# 72. Ralf Bröker, DE

*Indian Summer

flaming maple leaves—
I write a letter
to a childhood friend

# 73. Ramona Linke, DE

city park
the pointeur picks up
a copper beech leaf

# 74. Ralf Bröker, DE

surrounded by falling leaves—
calmness conquers
my soul

# 75. Ramona Linke, DE

listening to Vivaldi
the painter mixes
red and brown

# 76. Ralf Bröker, DE

Indian summer ...
Her longing flies
up and away

# 77. Ramona Linke, DE

the forest
of my hometown
collecting colours

# 78. Ralf Bröker, DE

tree of life
autumn days
golden years

# 79. Bernard Gieske, US

watching the bare twig
the bird waits
knowing he is watched

# 80. Ralf Bröker, DE

falling leaves
back to bare essentials
Victoria's secret

# 81. Bernard Gieske, US

a toddler
under a naked tree
leaves rain down

# 82. Ralf Bröker, DE

All Saints Day
Japanese Maple
dropping red leaves

# 83. Bernard Gieske, US

Fallen leaves perish
Within the earth’s gratitude
Towards the huge tree!!

# 84. Munia Khan, BD

leafless tree
squirrel nests and

# 85. Bernard Gieske, US

Invisible wind
Embraces a maple tree
Leaves start dancing wild!!

# 86. Munia Khan, BD

falling leaves
the proud oak
dropping acorns

# 87. Bernard Gieske, US

mother's song
by candlelight
autumn oak

# 88. Claire Everett, UK

dark days
maple leaves - the driveway
brightens with color

# 89. Bernard Gieske, US

crows watching
the maples redden
quiet for a change

# 90. Thomas Martin, US

after the rain
maple limbs dripping still
leaves falling faster

# 91. Bernard Gieske, US

seeds for the future
lie deep in the cone
safe from squirrels

# 92. Reason A. Poteet, US

fall shower
so many leaves
follow the leader

# 93. Bernard Gieske, US

autumn dusk—
is that a leaf or a butterfly

# 94. Ashley Wood, UK

drizzling rain
wet leaves
follow my footsteps

# 95. Bernard Gieske, US

dusk at my feet
between red maple leaves
the first stars

# 96. Claire Everett, UK

Autumn's serenity
The Presence of Fall trees
Unworn beauty

# 97. Munia Khan, BD

pale gold sun
low on the horizon
autumn oak

# 98. Claire Everett, UK

Grasp one golden leaf
Kiss your hand in joy of life
Celebrate Autumn

# 99. Munia Khan, BD

in autumn's forge
this work of beaten gold—
rain on the oak tree

#100. Claire Everett, UK

autumn leaves
the dog’s nose high up
for new smells

# 101. Marlene Hulst, NL

final movement
the dead leaves
on the pond

# 102. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

rotting leaves
fill the birdbath
October sky

# 103. Marlene Hulst, NL

no longer held back
by the leaves
autumn wind

# 104. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

you've known past splendor
autumn bliss has come and gone
last leaf hanging on

# 105. Dan Hardison, US

side by side
the dying and the dead—
autumn leaves

# 106. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

a whisper of cold
and trees of russet and gold
autumn evensong

# 107. Dan Hardison, US

indian summer
a magpie takes an acorn
into the tree

# 108. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

leaves gently falling
as another season ends
the dancer bows

# 109. Dan Hardison, US

autumn wind
the post truck disappears
into the fog

# 110. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

autumn wind—
the aspen branches
stripped bare

# 111. Verica Peacock, CR/UK

At each cry of crow
another poplar leaf
falls down

# 112. Vasile Moldovan, RO

autumn storm—
wet weeping willow branches
sweep the ground

# 113. Verica Peacock, CR/UK

A maple leaf
in the autumn breeze—
late love letter

# 114. Vasile Moldovan, RO

autumn night—
I catch a wobbling crane fly
in my garden

# 115. Verica Peacock, CR/UK

Misty stars—
the maple tree shows off
its leaves in the sky

# 116. Vasile Moldovan, RO

forest leaves
turn from green to russet—
autumn is here

# 117. Verica Peacock, CR/UK

Wind enlivening
the fire from the forest—
maple leaves

# 118. Vasile Moldovan, RO

colourful trees appear
in morning mist

# 119. Verica Peacock, CR/UK

Helicopters flying
above the maple forest—
autumn song

# 120. Vasile Moldovan, RO

succulent fruit...
apple trees swaying
from spot to spot

# 121. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

Chestnut Street—
the moon looks everywhere
for a squirrel

# 122. Vasile Moldovan, RO

a crow perches
in the olive branches
autumn wind

# 123. John Daleiden, US

the light of a cornel tree
in the fir forest

# 124. Vasile Moldovan, RO

a fragrance
floating in the morning air...
paulownia flowers

# 125. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

Hot prayer—
naked trees beseeching the Heaven
to delay the hoar-frost

# 126. Vasile Moldovan, RO

starry night
the evergreen forest
whitened with frost

# 127. Jacek Margolak, PL

fall trees—
visible on the top
a crow's nest

# 128. Sunil Uniyal, IN

wind and rain
on every pane
a fallen leaf

# 129. Jacek Margolak, PL

liquidambar leaves
pile, too many hues
star blinking the sun

# 130. Karin Anderson, AU

a ring of leaves
around the lone poplar—
the first frost

# 131. Jacek Margolak, PL

leaves fall and
high rise to autumn's
galaxy of gold

# 132. Karin Anderson, AU

empty playground
a sandbox full
of fallen leaves

# 133. Jacek Margolak, PL

scarlet oak temptress
strip teases
her falling leaves

# 134. Karin Anderson, AU

A sere leaf
on a windy and cold weather…
the last dance

# 135. Magdalena Dale, RO

shoulders high the child picks
the brightest leaf

# 136. Karin Anderson, AU

Drops of rain
over the sere leaves…
uncertain steps

# 137. Magdalena Dale, RO

chlorophyll faint
first autumn leaf floats
through mist's down-fall

# 138. Karin Anderson, AU

Autumn moon
hidden behind trees…
a hot tea cup

# 139. Magdalena Dale, RO

maple leaf bare
oak tree still flaunts
autumn's glory

# 140. Karin Anderson, AU

Chilly wind
among the bare branches…
autumn song

# 141. Magdalena Dale, RO

a full moon
gold leaves slithering
slippery dip's silver

# 142. Karin Anderson, AU

south wind
among the bare branches...
a full moon

# 143. Magdalena Dale, RO

weeping maple
autumn's bowl pans gold as
crimson tears spangle

# 144. Karin Anderson, AU

in a leafless oak
two squirrels quarrel—
the harvest moon

# 145. Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă, RO

last autumn leaf
cracks in the whip
of winter's first whoosh

# 146. Karin Anderson, AU

maple leaves—
finally my mother decides
to dye his hair

# 147. Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă, RO

she slips on leaf's rouge
how could such passion fall
he cries

# 148. Karin Anderson, AU

maple tree—
preparing the dusk
all day long

# 149. Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă, RO

fall in the park—
children looking under leaves
for their hopscotch

# 150. Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă, RO

red-letter day—
only the wind sweeping
the fallen leaves

# 151. Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă, RO

juicy fruit:
a pear tree bowing down
in the autumn wind

# 152. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

falling leaves—
again the haijin starts writing
his memoirs

# 153. Cezar-Florian Ciobîcă, RO

birds chirping
in the wind-swept branches...
few persimmons left

# 154. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

chestnuts falling—
wind playing bowling

# 155. Patricia Lidya, RO

a weeping willow
over a silent river—
first light of dawn

# 156. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

falling leaf
in a dry birch—
unwritten haiku

# 157. Patricia Lidya, RO

Leaves everywhere—
in the pitiless rain
the abandoned nest

# 158. Maria Tirenescu, RO
first snow—
snow carpet and a leaf
as a pattern

# 159. Patricia Lidya, RO

Walk in the morning—
in the grandmother’s garden
red apples

# 160. Maria Tirenescu, RO

beggar's box
full of leaves

# 161. Patricia Lidya, RO

The wind spreads
borders of dead leaves—

# 162. Maria Tirenescu, RO

set free from
a month of house arrest—
a red leaf among the dead

# 163. Sasa Vazic, SR

Evening rain—
among the bare branches
a broken nest

# 164. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Yellow and
orange leaves falling—
grandma still alone 

# 165. Maria Tirenescu, RO

evergreen . . .
sweeping again needles
back to its root

# 166. Sasa Vazic, SR

the roadrunner rests
in mesquite shadows
a coiled snake

# 167. John Daleiden, US

angry at my
neighbor's fall tree—
but what colors!

# 168. Sasa Vazic, SR

a stand of aspen
shedding golden leaves—
harvest moon

# 169. John Daleiden, US

the old cemetery
mounds of colorful leaves
flutter about

# 170. Karina Klesko, US

high desert forest—
red, orange, yellow and green
under early snow

# 171. John Daleiden, US


Read the October 31, 2010 Editor's Choices:  Editor Karina Klesko, Editor John Daleiden




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