Brian Strand, UK




Experimental Poetry


*Emblem Poem


The Church Wall


Motto: 'living stones'

Look there, do you see the wall of red brick
          each upon the other:
          leans with great care.

One joined evenly next to the other
          bonded together in

Participating in their purposes
          combining, each their strengths
          the load to share:

Weathered with the forms of life on its face
          enduring through


*This emblem poem WAS inspired by the English poet George Herbert's (1593-1633) The Church-Floore. An emblem poem acts as an explanation of a picture in a symbolic or allegoric way (not unlike a parable). It is a 'crude' picture of an everyday object. Underneath the picture is a motto, followed by the poem (a 16th century English Haiga!!)









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