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Ekphrastic Poetry ~ Free Verse


Iolanda Scripca, US



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Free Verse


Reflections on a Cottage Wall


Peaceful afternoon laziness
Shyness escapes Irish Cream
In a coffee cup
Thin strings of steam belly dance
A mute black and white movie
Jumps images of a passing life
In a warm cottage, on a freezing purity
She's all alone although the lobby is crowded
Restless tourists looking for their identity
On the top of a mountain, proud of their shinny skis
The wall reflects her life and Charlie Chaplin's shoes
Once new now with painful holes in the sole
They made people laugh a careless, cruel laughter
Acting with such ease as if real: the romance, the Dictatorship
the New, foreign Times, the bars...
regardless of standard, acceptable height
people laughed until THE END





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