Pravat Kumar Padhy, IN






tried to search the link
between life and death
and the debate remained perennial
meaning rebirth as the recycled faith



whirling wind
flow of unscheduled and unkind.
leaves scattered
with no shelter and mercy
detaching from the living trees



in dense majority
clouds hang over the ocean
in my dream
I feel mingling with the sea
the softness of the rain



vast ocean—
the cosmic relationship with space
the wave regresses back
I become conscious
of the present



my screams—
in the garden of loneliness
talk to wind
I await on the pages of remembrance
for the wind to reply my voice



near the shore
waves with musical tone
come to shore
smilingly it returns back
changing its face



About Pravat Kumar Padhy, IN


Pravat Kumar Padhy: professionally a Petroleum Geologist, ONGC, India. Received Masters in Science and Ph.D in Applied Geology from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. Published literary articles and poems in leading English news papers, journals, anthologies and e-zines. Literary work referred in 'Interviews with Indian Writing in English’, Indian Literature, Anger in Action: Exploration in Indian Writing in English, Spectrum History of Indian Literature in English, Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Poetry, A Survey of Indian English poetry etc. Awarded “Certificate of Honour” from Writer’s Life Line, Canada. Included in International Who’s Who in Poetry and Poets, Literary article titled “Abstract Poems” adjudged as the 2nd best entry in the Asian American Poetry e-Journal. Member, World Society of Poets, USA, Honoured as “Featured Poet” in Poetry Street e-Journal, UK, Editors’ Choice Poet award by Poetbay, USA. Poetry award from Writers Guild of India. Haiku, Tanka appeared in World Haiku Review, LYNX-Aha Poetry, Akita Haiku International Network, The Four Seasons Haiku, Anglo-Japanese Society (Tanka Online), Atlas Poetica (forth coming June 2010 Issue) etc. Credited publication of verse, ‘Silence of the Seas’.









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