Editor's Choice from the "beach" Haiku Thread  - Karina Klesko, US






The haiku in this thread were all wonderful to read and think about. Hard to

for the second coming


Karina Klesko, US


Maria Tirenescu's haiku is My Editor's Choice for this issue:


On the beach—
two lovers looking
for the new moon

# 83. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Here are a few haiku that stood out:

the distant past—
footprints in the bedrock
washed by waves

# 08. John Daleiden, US



a boy catching fish
with his gaze

# 12. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR



breaker wave
a sand crab escapes
from the child's bucket

# 17. Jacek Margolak, PL



beach bonfire...
nothing left between
the moon and me

# 41. Chen-ou Liu, CA



bare footed
I stand on the shore—
sizzling hot sun

# 42. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN



almost sixty—
the beach pebbles larger
than I remember

# 49. Richard Stevenson, CA



rays of sunshine
shimmering on the sea:
a regatta

# 51. Keith A. Simmonds, TT



after after grad—
a bassett drags his balls
along the beach

# 57. Richard Stevenson, CA



Early in the morning—
a seagull soars
above the Black Sea

# 73. Maria Tirenescu, RO









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