March / April ''flower(s)" Haiku Thread




Announcing the March / April ''flower(s)" Haiku Thread


The theme of the March / April haiku thread will be anything to do with the "flowers" and / or any kind of spring flower/s in either the southern and / or northern hemispheres. It is not necessary to use the word "flower/s".

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the "flower/s" Haiku Thread.

Subject Line: March/April "flower/s" haiku thread.

Deadline: Midnight Saturday, April 24, 2010.


Author, Country

All Haiku received will be posted daily on-line at March / April 2010 "flower/s" Haiku Thread.

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the Friday, April 30, 2010 Sketchbook.



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The following poets have contributed to the March / April "flower(s) Haiku Thread

Participants: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28

Karin Anderson, AU; Leslie Brockway, US; Ralf Bröker, DE; Willie R. Bongcaron, PH; Bouwe Brouwer, NL;,  Daniela Bullas, UK (England); Joseph B. Connolly, US; Gillena Cox, TT; John Daleiden, US; Tatjana Debeljacki, SR; Andrzej Dembończyk, PL; Bernard Gieske, US; Michele Harvey, US; Cara Holman, US; Ramona Linke, DE; Jacek Margolak, PL; Tracy McPherson, US; Karen O'Leary, US; Zhanna P. Rader, US; Keith A. Simmonds, TT; Stevie Strang, US; Patrick Wafula, Nairobi, Kenya; Maria Tirenescu, RO; Elaine Whitman, US; Neal Whitman, US; Ashley Wood, UK; Rafal Zabratynski, PL

Countries:  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,

Germany, Kenya, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, United Kingdom


flying past
yellow and red ixoras
a white butterfly

# 01. Gillena Cox, TT


first warm day
scouring the inside
of each flowerpot

# 02. Michele Harvey, US

even on cardboard
yellow flowers
brighten the day

# 03. Bernard Gieske, US

first daffodils
their green buds swollen

# 04. Elaine Whitman, US

lilac scent drifts
over fresh cut grass
spring blossoms

# 05. Karen O'Leary, US

tufts of grass
uncovered by March winds
a hare hops

# 06. Joseph B. Connolly, US

through the coldest hours
always at least one bloom open
Spring will bring the rest

# 07. Leslie Brockway, US

departing spring
two hibiscus
not ready to go

# 08. Neal Whitman, US

breathe baby breathe
the woods are full of bluebells
you have never seen

# 09. Ashley Wood, UK

the fragrance of
freshly-cut roses
blowing in the wind

# 10. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

sleeping under the stars—
a blanket of daisies
waking up with the sun

# 11. Daniela Bullas, UK

summer heat
the sampaguita's sweetness
envelops the morning

# 12. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

High Noon
in a children's hand
a snowdrop

# 13. Ralf Bröker, DE

cremation site
between his remaining hairs
flower petals

# 14. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

the old songs
of yellow breasted kisadee
March blooming poui

# 15. Gillena Cox, TT

the scent
it carries,
lilacs in the rain

# 16. Michele Harvey, US

March drought
sway of bougainvillea
in the hot breeze

# 17. Gillena Cox, TT

dandelion blossoms
scattered by a breeze
so many promises

# 18. Bernard Gieske, US

the carpet of pink
under a pommerac tree
fallen blossoms

# 19. Gillena Cox, TT

beautiful blossom
how short life can be
blooming once

# 20. Bernard Gieske, US

right as rain
a drop in the bucket
camellia morn

# 21. Neal Whitman, US

driving along
country roads ---- silent wave
of black-eyed Susans

# 22. Bernard Gieske, US

watercolour brush strokes
fashioned petals
on a note pads

# 23. Gillena Cox, TT 

spring crocus...
becoming comfortable
with holding hands

# 24. Michele Harvey, US

a picket fence
cannot contain poppies
weekend escape

# 25. Neal Whitman, US

call waiting...
Narcissus nodding
in the breeze

# 26. Michele Harvey, US

prom night
first look
forgetting the corsage

# 27. Bernard Gieske, US

wildflower garden
... for myself
... for the birds

# 28. Michele Harvey, US

along the mountain trail
wild flowers dapple
no glory

# 29. Bernard Gieske, US

ramp romp
dandelion digger in hand
May-basket salad

# 30. Neal Whitman, US

her happy day
wrapped up
in red roses

# 31. Bernard Gieske, US

yellow archangel
picking wild flowers
for a funeral

# 32. Ashley Wood, UK

from the yard
handful of clover
baby’s spring bouquet

# 33. Bernard Gieske, US

cherry blossoms
in the early dawn
twinkling in the light

# 34. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

4th of July
red white and blue

# 35. Bernard Gieske, US

azaleas in bloom
his headstone must be dusty
time to visit papa

# 36. Neal Whitman, US

peach blossoms
again this year

# 37. Bernard Gieske, US

against the hillside
birches birches birches
one lady's slipper

# 38. Neal Whitman, US

on a hot day
waking up from deep slumber
are gumamelas

# 39. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

lacing the air
sunflowers worth their weight

# 40. Neal Whitman, US

poolside view
from my daiquiri on ice
taking out a rose

# 41. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

Snow in late spring
the early tulips'

# 42. Ralf Bröker, DE

busy morning
from flower to flower
a bee

# 43. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

as merry as a lark
the flower seller

# 44. Ralf Bröker, DE

grandmothers street
carefully planted gardens
one with thistles

# 45. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

village calm
water splashes underneath
the hydrangeas

# 46. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

from the porch
spring is never without
magnolia blooms

# 47. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

first buds
song flowers
out of the tree

# 48. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

how beautiful they look
on the bag of seeds

# 49. Andrzej Dembończyk, PL

Empty Champagne glasses

#50. Tracy McPherson, US

So much of wild flax
in the un-mowed grass—
my lovely bouquet...

# 51. Zhanna P. Rader, US

farewell ...
cherry blossoms in
the torchlight

# 52. Ramona Linke, DE

This year,
my tulips, smaller in size—
the ants don't mind it.

# 53. Zhanna P. Rader, US

romantic evening
for your sole attention
a bunch of roses

# 54. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

in an old bachelor's room
plastic flowers

# 55. Jacek Margolak, PL

summer wind
a plethora of colors
the flowers radiate

# 56. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

abandoned church—
around the altar
wild flowers

# 57. Jacek Margolak, PL

on a summer day
sunflowers stand tall
over meadows green

# 58. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

winter's end—
the window box full
of sunlight

# 59. Jacek Margolak, PL

Camellia blossoms—
the beauty of the bride
fades a little

# 60. Ramoina Linke, DE


# 61. Jacek Margolak, PL

on her cross stitch board
daffodils and dahlias drown
a rustic view

# 62. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

April showers
upon a pink carpet...
poui in bloom

# 63. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

our first caress
in a moonlit night
magnolia blossoms

# 64. Ramoina Linke, DE

spring landscape
a yellow brush dots
the grassland

# 65. Jacek Margolak, PL

country scene
Jungle flames come alive
in shades of gold

# 66. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

an unnamed grave full
of wild flowers

# 67. Jacek Margolak, PL

red bouquets
under the full moon—
poinsettia blossoms

# 68. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

first day of spring
under the bracken
a single trillium

# 69. Cara Holman, US

in a burst of glory...
dawn sunshine

# 70. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

grey morning
camellias shrouded
in the mist

# 71. Cara Holman, US

silky sunlight...
from bloom to bloom
a brown butterfly

# 72. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

returning my textbook—
she uses a red rose to mark
the page

# 73. Beryl Achieng, Nairobi, Kenya

my favourite flower—
but beware of the thorns

# 74. Patrick Wafula, Nairobi, Kenya

planting marigolds
rain-soaked earth
beneath my fingernails

# 75. Cara Holman, US

how beautiful they look
on the bag of seeds

# 76. Andrzej Dembończyk, PL

fat robins
on the lawn
dandelions prosper

# 77. Cara Holman, US

forgotten train track
the rust-eaten rails
lead into poppies

# 78. Rafal Zabratynski, PL

along forest trails
wildflowers abundant
and obvious

# 79. Cara Holman, US

The backyard tall grass
needs mowing... but first, she picks
the wildflowers.

# 80. Zhanna P. Rader, US

first Spring after you died
your acre of cherry trees
blooming anyway

# 81. Stevie Strang, US

Snow on the mountains—
the white lilac blooming
in the valley

# 82. Maria Tirenescu, RO

We put roses
onto each other's son's graves—
moms of the warriors.

# 83. Zhanna P. Rader, US

Lime blossoms—
the grandpa listens to a waltz
at the old phonograph

# 84. Maria Tirenescu, RO

a waving yellow buttercup
skims yellow
on milk's pale spill

# 85. Karin Anderson, AU

At daybreak—
the lonely wild rose
flowered by the path

# 86. Maria Tirenescu, RO

pansy's face
with humongous pimple
a bee

# 87. Karin Anderson, AU

In the evening—
on the neighbour woman’s grave
the lilac blossoms

# 88. Maria Tirenescu, RO

a bleeding heart
companion flower planted
a forget-me-not

# 89. Karin Anderson, AU

Thousands of bees
on the cherry blossoms—
the mother alone

# 90. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Spring wafts itself away
a dandelion puff
holds onto its head

# 91. Karin Anderson, AU

Acacia flower
in pitiless rain—
no bees

# 92. Maria Tirenescu, RO

petunias frill, flounce
on a downy catwalk
of petals

# 93. Karin Anderson, AU

Under a dry tree—
the primrose blooming
at daybreak

# 94. Maria Tirenescu, RO

broken daisy chain
child's red ribbon
in the ditch

# 95. Karin Anderson, AU

Old cemetery—
amidst ruined crosses
violas grow

# 96. Maria Tirenescu, RO

silk flowers inside
too busy watering

# 97. Karin Anderson, AU

the dandelions flowering
among the ruins

# 98. Maria Tirenescu, RO

losing her name
she stutters I d..d.. do
clutching red roses

# 99. Karin Anderson, AU

Old icon lamp—
a bunch
of withered violets

# 100. Maria Tirenescu, RO

lingering scent
of lime blossoms—
morning breeze

# 101. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

After the rain—
the daffodil petals
full with mud

# 102. Maria Tirenescu, RO

spring dawn
a song in my heart:
the poui in bloom

# 103. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

First date—
the bunch of hyacinths
hid in his pocket

# 104. Maria Tirenescu, RO

plum blossoms incense
floating upon the dawn...
symphony of light

# 105. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

Daybreak shower
laves the acacia flowers—
nobody on the road

# 106. Maria Tirenescu, RO

lime blossoms
settle in my saucer—
evening tea

# 107. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

Serene dusk—
a willow shoot
and a viola

# 108. Maria Tirenescu, RO

a tiny tot
tiptoes through the tulips...
rays of sunshine

# 109. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

Frozen day—
only a dandelion
near the old paling

# 110. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Dancing to the drum
mischevious gipsy girl
in her hair a rose

# 111. Tatjana Debeljacki, SR

just before dawn—
Night Blooming Cereus
scents the still air

# 112. John Daleiden, US

spring rains—
the barren desert
explodes with blossoms

# 113. John Daleiden, US

# 114.


Read the March / April 30, 2010 Editor's Choices:  Editor Karina Klesko, Editor John Daleiden



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