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These haiku are really very good. It was gratifying to read them all. What I found interesting in particular is the feeling and the 'aha' that most of the haiku had.

For instance this one:

Heart Day...
the sun casts intensely
on faceless partners

# 20. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

At first you read it one way, then suddenly when you read it again...and it reads differently. This verse uses both the micro and macro world around us. At first I saw it as self. The poet was reconnecting with the past... Then when rereading it again, line 2 became the focus. The sun casts intensely—then the line 3 upon faceless partners. It could be outward watching couples walking in a courtyard, their faces obscured by the angle of the sun.

Another haiku appealed to the visual:

almost spring
the sun streams in through the door—
Valentine's Day

# 41. Manu Kant, IN

Immediately you find yourself counting syllables in line 2. But then you realize it is a stream of words across the page.

Love Day...
a lady in red awaits
her blind date

# 14. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

At one time I may have overlooked this very simple haiku as ordinary. But because of my own problems with vision, after I read over this the first time, I went on; however, upon reading it a second time, the thought came to me, if the person was blind what difference did it make to include the color of her dress. So for me, blind date carried another meaning entirely. So the aha in this was a surprise to me. BTW, I see I have picked the same poet. But when I read these I do not see the names.

Valentine’s Day
he’s getting too old
for Viagra

# 63. Patricia Carragon, US

Patricia, I found this a humorous senyru. I laughed out loud, realizing what truth is in that verse!

valentine's day
we slow our pace
around the pond

# 40. Cindy Tebo, US

This is a nice steady haiku, as the days fly by one after another, Valentine's Day fits into the routine but at a little bit slower pace, sort of slowing down to take measure of the circle, of life.

valentine's day—
the zoo chimpanzees
groom each other

# 04. an'ya, US

This also made me laugh as we all probably have taken notice in fascination and even awe at how public Valentine's Day can be. This is beautifully written with sounds of the zee's the double o's. In its certain humor it is profound at the same time, expressing timeless caring as it takes the chimpanzees time and patience to groom each other all day long.

Valentine's Day card
from my insurance agent

# 21. Ed Baker, US

Ed, what can I say that you haven't said?

I see so many emotions and feelings in each haiku that give so much insight... Another one...

Valentine’s Day
wearing black
instead of red

# 47. Patricia Carragon

This reminds me of the Widows of Joe Cain and Mardi Gras.


These additional haiku are also excellent examples expressing emotions, feelings, and insights:

Valentine's Day
if I've grown old and grey
he notices not

# 06. Audrey Downey, US


our on-line affair
by a storm

# 08. Barbara A. Taylor, AU


Valentine's Day...
two old lovers look into
each other's eyes

# 13. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

valentine’s day
once a year
speeding hearts

# 09. Bernard Gieske, US


inside her card
this year's
child support notice

# 36. Ed Baker, US


valentine’s day
a cardboard heart
sings of love

# 39. Bernard Gieske, US


Valentine’s Day
no roses
on her desk

# 45. Patricia Carragon, US


february fourteenth—
fresh roses on the grave
of a young girl

# 46. Andrzej Dembończyk, PL

Valentine’s Day
there are more frogs
than princes

# 51. Patricia Carragon, US


longing for true love
without roses and chocolate...
Valentine's Day

# 58. Keith A. Simmonds, TT


Valentine’s day
the untrodden snow
around the mailbox

# 83. Bouwe Brower, NL


traffic jam
thinking of
an old girlfriend

#85. Bouwe Brower, NL

Thank you all for your participation in this Happy Valentine/Love Themed Issue of Sketchbook.

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