3rd Annual Hexapod Haiku Challenge


Photo by macomn96.


young sciomyzid,
shops lakeside ice
for frozen escargot


Despite recent snow and ice (with more coming to Raleigh this weekend?!) signs of spring are slowly exposing themselves. The apricot trees on NCSU’s brickyard are in full bloom, my yard pulses with a thousand (barely) emergent monocots, and gardening catalogs beckon us to start planning our veggies. I’ve also received a fair number of inquiries about the Hexapod Haiku Challenge – and even a few entries! I guess it’s time to formally announce this year’s contest!

To simplify the logistics I’ve added a new page to our website: Hexapod Haiku Challenge. Here you’ll find all the guidelines and background info, and that will remain the official HHC announcement. The gist, though, is this:

Anyone is eligible to submit haiku/senryu/haiga/tanka/other short poems except for our judges (you know who you are). We’ll accept up to three – or up to fifteen if you’re a Friend of the Museum (only $10 for kids and students!) – original entomological haiku per poet. Your haiku should be submitted by 11:59pm, March 20th (first day of spring) either…

  1. as an email to OR
  2. as tweets (be sure to start each tweet with @ncsuinsects #HexapodHaiku) OR
  3. as 35 cards (one per haiku; cards will not be returned) mailed to the following address:

Hexapod Haiku
NCSU Insect Museum
Department of Entomology
North Carolina State University
Box 7613
Raleigh, NC 27695 USA

Haiga can be submitted as photographs, scans, or via other means as necessary.

For you we offer three awards with (small) prizes: 1) best in show, 2) runner-up, 3) best entry from poet under the age of 13. We also have honorable mention categories that change every year depending on the submissions we get (most traditional, funniest, best IPM-themed poem, etc.)

We’d love to get more poems from kids under 13. Last year we received none.











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