Eiko Yachimoto, JP




A zip shisan


Things to do


Norman Darlignton, Ireland 
Karen Cesar, United States
sprite, France
Barbara Taylor, Australia
Moira Richards, South Africa
_kala, India
Linda Papanicolaou, United States
Eiko Yachimoto, sabaki


a list   of things to do
between my barefoot toes   new coolness    /e
sipping tea   the milky way   to left and right    /n
up a steep slope   mountain goats
disturbing, dislodging   small rocks   / kc


gravity   gravitation   does it matter?   /s
moonlight   on frozen diamonds
guides the old woman   home in time   /b
cauldrons bubbling   trouble   on that blasted heath   /m



colours of Holi

turn my pink sari   red to purple    /_k
rain or haze   Canal Saint Martin   it must be    /s

drunk on love

  and sake
no lodging   too narrow for our need    /n


a four poster   with a large mosquito   net    /b

its petals heavy

  in the rising sun
sweet bay   magnolia    /l
on a quiet lane   I catch a song   in the air    /_k 


Tomegaki by Eiko Yachimoto









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