Zhanna P. Rader, US






You don’t need to remind me
To watch the TV.
I admire Spider-man
While I’m having some tea;

I enjoy “Donald Duck”
When I’m eating my pie;
Then I sit on the floor
And I laugh with Popeye.

While asleep, in my dreams,
I shall pat Scooby Doo,
And I’ll have some ice-cream
With my Winnie-the-Pooh.

I am ready and glad—
Mornings or afternoons—
I am eager to watch
All those funny cartoons.







There lived a teenager named Chum
Who’d never quit chewing his gum;
When they hid it away,
He cried in dismay,
“Oh, no!” – and then chewed on his thumb.





Подросток по имени Чам
Всё время жевал "чуинг-гам".
"Гам" спрятала мать,
Чтоб бросил жевать.
Он - палец сосать. Стыд и срам!


* Zhanna, born in Russia and lived half of her life there; she has also lived in the Soviet Georgia, the Ukraine and Poland. Zhanna writes in Russian more than she does  in English. She writes metered and rhymed poetry much more in Russian than in English. However, she often writes the Japanese-genre poems in English and translates some of them into Russian.



Riddle: A Rhymed Renhai


Time of Play


I'm made of paper,
long ribbon tail and string,
wind-loving thing.

Flown joyfully by little Kate—
the height, the freedom, great!

Day nears its end,
and I, with hesitation,
leave the sky.









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