a junicho written via email between January to March 2009

by Barbara A. Taylor, AU and Moira Richards, South Africa


fried-egg moon


year of the ox—
first day of trading
in the bear market

complaints to my neighbour
his cows moo too loud

a million babies
sucking melamine
from their bottles

wilting wombok
the cold water tap runs hot

global warming?
just another greenie myth
he said

you might cure that hangover
with a greasy breakfast

a fried-egg moon
stuck fast on a black skillet sky
waits the dawn

sunlight streams onto
leaf-littered avenues

can I spare
tears enough to gamble
on this attraction to you?

tails says yes heads
a winter of discontent

daisies, daffodils, freesias
and fragrant jasmine

a valley awakening
startled by the first cuckoo









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