Editor's Choice "harvest moon" Haiku: Karina Klesko




Karina Klesko's Choices



autumn equinox

falling leaves or love

hard to let go


# 01. Daniela Bullas, UK



thru the falling leaves

# 05. Peter H. Pache , US



brittle leaves—

cupping my tin mug

still steaming


# 06. Neal Whitman , US



first Autumn leaf streaks

one hundred crimson sunsets

curl into Winter


# 16. Karin Anderson, AU



a crisp wind

blowing in the sunlight—

spiral of leaves


# 37. Keith A. Simmonds, TT



autumn pond

the shadows of leaves

drift over the bottom


# 41. Jacek Margolak, PL



icy water—

the full moon

among the fallen leaves


# 45. Jacek Margolak, PL



last leaf tippy top

chomped as after dinner mint

a giraffe's tall neck


# 56. Karin Anderson, AU



falling out of Niedecker's poem*

leaves on a bridge

with their stems sticking up


*Lorine Niedecker


# 57. Cindy Tebo, US



illiterate fortune teller


the tea leaves


# 73. Terri French, US



endless eddy

of noisy brown leaves...

the mistral


# 77. Keith A. Simmonds



odd that leaves come back

all that falling and getting swept

. . .must know something


# 78. Phyllis Jean Green, US




more distant from myself

leaf by leaf


79. Sasa Vazic, SR




embers of sunlight stumbling

upon yellow leaves


# 81. Keith A. Simmonds



dark road

long shadow of a dead leaf

hurries across


85. Sasa Vazic, SR



blowing into

my cupped hands

the last leaf falls


# 88. Terri French, US



Leaves fall

one by one from the branch—

first snow


# 100. Maria Tirenescu, RO









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