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Rengay #49, Late-Summer
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

The wipers almost
clean off the windshield —
bugs rest in pieces.

Pansies from her garden —
plated between panes.

Two slices
of fresh deli rye —

Picnic table —
seven of us try
to fit around.

We all pose for the shot —
the shutter, slowly pressed.

A frog in water
flicks out its tongue —
catches a fly.

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A Rosy Shade

Rengay #50, Late-Summer
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

Sweltering day —
he tries to cook an egg
on the sidewalk.

A few hours on the beach —
she turns a rosy shade.

Panting dog —
if only this pink lemonade
could help.

Hot night —
we try to sleep above
the sound of the fan.

An afternoon siesta —
sounds of an ice-cream truck.

Heat shimmer
on the pavement... gone,
as we drive near.

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Bits of Sunset

Rengay #51, Late-Summer
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

Summer's end —
covered with a yellow
polka-dot bikini.

Hot-dog... a bite leads to
mustard spots on my shirt.

Somebody forgets
to bring the insect repellent —
mosquito welts.

Ta-ta, ta-ta-ta...
a sapsucker peppers
the birch with holes.

The odd leaf has turned
colour — late summer.

Bits of sunset
through the branches, a dance
on his back.

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Finding the Sun

Rengay #52, Late-Summer
Gary Gay and Vaughn Seward

Summer thunder —
fireflies blink among
the tall corn.

Corndogs in each hand —
we wade through the crowd.

From the top
of the ferris wheel —
so many stars.

Up-turned bike —
a ladybug on a spoke
of the spinning wheel.

Between the fence slats —
a daisy finds the sun.

Journey's end —
the lighthouse among the rocks
flashes a welcome.

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