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Pavement Blossoms

Rengay #45, Mid-Summer
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

City park —
azalea petals among
cigarette butts.

Charred forest remains —
pink fireweed blossoms.

The front lawn,
long and going to seed —
beds of gout weed.

Weathered stump —
a green sprig emerges
from the moss.

A rusted bottle cap —
clumps of brown lichen.

Coloured chalk
blossoms — a flower bouquet
on the pavement.

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Budgie in the Mirror

Rengay #46, Mid-Summer
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

After the storm...
the ground receives a kiss
from the rose.

Our lovers' quarrel ends —
the make-up smooch begins.

She presses —
a tissue between her lips
lipstick remains.

Perched on a stick —
he pecks at the budgie
in the mirror.

The soccer ball rises —
his first forward heading.

The politician
stops to bless a baby —
soft, pink forehead.

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Out of Sight

Rengay #47, Mid-Summer
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

A gray cloud
drifts into the dirt —
rain puddle.

A new neighbour moves in —
the gopher pops down its hole.

Cuckoo, cuckoo —
stillness returns to this
hot afternoon.

Clock tower —
the big hand passes over
the little hand.

Totem pole at dusk —
the moon slips behind.

Sky reflections —
our paddles sweep away
the big dipper.

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Tender Moments

Rengay #48, Mid-Summer
Zhanna P. Rader and Vaughn Seward

The fisherman's shirt —
she breathes in its sea smell,
this summer night.

He touches her negligee —
tender moments together.

A nun walks by him,
with downcast eyes, trembling —
white lily, pink-edged.

Roomful of people —
he, without even trying,
keeps noticing her.

Alone with a nude model —
the young artist wipes her brow.

Early beach morning —
he applies suntan lotion
on her sculpted form.

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