Editor's choice "beach" Haiku Thread
 Maracas beach


Karina Klesko, US


Twenty-six poets from thirteen countries contributed seventy-eight haiku for the "beach" thread in the July / August Sketchbook.

the busyness
of sand fleas

01. Andrea Gradidge, CA


one wave
after another—

# 07. Alexander "Lex" Joy


hundreds of turtles
on the Galapagos beach—
new life just begins

# 10. Andrzej Dembończyk, PL

I like this; the last line does not provide the aha but a continuation...

hundreds of turtles
on the Galapagos beach—
new sun

This sun is new to the day and also the newborn turtles; line three provides a nice aha....a suggestion...

beach erosion—
trucks full of sand
rolling in

# 11. Betty Kaplan, US


hot beach stones—
I try to follow
the broken path

# 12. Saša Važič, Serbia


Yes, I caught the humor....

glittering sunlight
bouncing up and down
a beach ball

# 26. Keith A. Simmonds, TT


Grand Anse—
Shaking the towel sand
back to the beach

# 32. Gillena Cox, TT


the winding road
to Maracas beach
smell of the sea

# 34. Gillena Cox, TT

he name Maracas gave this a fun sound effect as I read it...a happy beat...

beach walking—
out loud I calculate
Fibonacci Numbers

# 38. Krzysztof Kokot, PL

I like the idea of walking or traveling and calculating numbers, time poetry ....

sandy beach—
a bare-bottomed toddler
chasing sandpipers

# 40. Terri French, US


beach reading—
the sandcrab's black eyes
peer at me

# 44. Terri French, US

I really like the idea of this....sort of sizing up the to speak...

How irresistibly cute!

behind the fence
seal pups sunning—
someone’s cell phone

# 48. Neal Whitman, US

I would love to comment in depth one each entry...but time does not permit me to do so...but I like the verbal and non verbal communication...or sound to soundless ...nature / technology.

surreys, bikes, kayaks
for rent at Lovers Point shack—
“No Lifeguard on Duty”

# 52. Neal Whitman, US

The no life guard on duty...seems to pull all the choices together in this haiku.

deserted beach—
among the acacia leaves
a swallow sings

# 75. Maria Tirenescu, RO









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