Voices of Israel 2009 Anthology

from Helen Bar-Lev, editor


The 2009 Anthology is ready to go to the printer. It is 255 pages thick and presents poems of over 100 poets from Israel and other countries. It will be available hopefully within two weeks. Members of Voices and those who pre-paid with their submissions will receive a copy shortly afterwards.

As this is my final year as Editor-in-Chief of Voices, I want to thank all poets with whom I have had the pleasure of working these past three years and from whom I have learned much. To all of you and to others reading this message, I invite you to submit to the 2010 issue.

The new co-editors will be Sheryl Abbey and Michael Dickel. Please send submissions for Voices Israel Anthology, Volume 36 by the latest 7th October, 2009 by email to:

Please send up to four poems of no more than 40 lines each. We prefer your submission to be by email in a single Word or RTF file— one poem per page with your name, address and email on the upper right corner of each page. A short bio not to exceed seven lines should accompany your submission. The acceptance process is anonymous and the poems will be forwarded to the editorial board without names. No revisions of poems will be accepted after submission!

There is no fee for submitting poems to the Anthology, however, a contribution of NIS 30 / US$15 will entitle you to a copy of the Anthology once it comes out, whether you are published or not and includes shipping fees.

If you decide to wait until the Anthology is published and then order a copy, the price is NIS 40 / US $20.- Members of Voices Israel, prize winners and honorable mentions in the Reuben Rose are entitled to one free copy of the Anthology.

Emails for the Anthology should be addressed to:

 If you have no access whatsoever to email please submit one copy of each poem plus your bio by regular mail following the above guidelines, to:

Voices ISRAEL Anthology
c/o Michael Dekel

9 / 7 Shalom Yehuda

Jerusalem 93395

Prizes for the Reuben Rose Competition were raised last year. First prize is US$500, second prize is US$200, third prize is US$100-. You may submit an unlimited number of poems to this contest. Submissions to the Reuben Rose should be sent to John Dicks, Voices Israel , P.O. Box 236 , Kiriat Ata 28101 ISRAEL . Please submit by regular mail in duplicate. One copy should not have any identifying information, the other copy must have contact information included.

A cover letter giving the names of the poems submitted and your full contact information must accompany submissions. Fees of US$5 / NIS15 for each poem submitted to the Reuben Rose must accompany the poems sent to John Dicks. This applies to members of Voices Israel and non-members alike.

You may submit the same poems to both the Reuben Rose Poetry Competition and the Anthology if you wish. This means that even if you do not win a prize or a mention in the Reuben Rose you will have a chance of having these poems published in the Anthology. Make sure to email your submissions to the anthology to and to send your submissions to the Reuben Rose to John Dicks by regular mail.

We welcome poets from abroad to our expanding international Voices family of poets.

Joining Voices Israel at NIS100 or US$35– per year will entitle you to a copy of the Anthology at no extra charge. As a member, you will also receive the monthly newsletters, be eligible to participate in workshops and monthly poetry readings which take place in Jerusalem , Tel-Aviv and Haifa.

All payments for membership to Voices Israel Group of Poets in English and for the Anthology should go to Mel Millman, our treasurer, 15 Shachar St., Jerusalem 96263, ISRAEL. Checks should be made out to Voices Israel.

Helen Bar-Lev, Artist, Poet

Editor in Chief
Voices Israel Anthology

Senior Editor
Cyclamens and Swords Publishing

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