Tracy Koretsky, US






and tomorrow, green again


you are like this snow, lightly lipping my hair, then suddenly,
blanketing a hushing gleam

all the world:
this space
between us

i'm sorry, i say, backing away.

in the whirling wind
first buds

you bow, already drifting.

hugging the yellow line home
even now



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Mary Davila, US and Tracy Koretsky,USCollaborative Photo Haiga: Haiga



About Tracy Koretsky


Tracy Koretsky is the author of: ROPELESS,,  a 15-time award-winning family drama that celebrates possibilities despite disabilities. Read an interview with her about ROPELESS at Wordgathering

She would like to invite you to a complimentary download of her
collection of free verse, EVEN BEFORE MY OWN NAME from  The widely-published poems in this
collection have earned prizes ranging from haiku to prose poem,
including two Pushcart nominations.

Tracy's Japanese genre work has appeared in Acorn, Haibun Today,
Haiga Online, Lynx, Moonset, SimplyHaiku
and tiny words.

This is Tracy Koretsky's first appearance in Sketchbook.









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