Karol Rosiak, PL






revolving door
new clients



May park
smell of mint
behind a beautiful couple



in the morning
a thunder far away
in a swoosh of rain



I am waking up
pigeons on the roof
are still cooing



a new picture of mine
the same was the look
of my father's eyes



heat wave
from one flower to another
a bee



quiet night
a window slightly opened
a swoosh of the city



About Karol Rosiak


Karol Rosiak, born in 1962 in Poland, is a psychologist (Ph.D.). He specializes in social psychology. He lives in Bydgoszcz, Poland. He loves reading and writing haiku - it is his passion. He also publishes his poems at Polish haiku forum:

This is Karol Rosiak's first appearance in Sketchbook.









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