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Free Verse




What is the present if it has already passed?
And doesn't the past seem to repeat itself in the future?
No aspect of time seems to be correctly categorized,
For in the aftermath of a short flash, future is present, and present is past;
Faster than a powerful dash, time will pass.



Werewolves vs. Vampires


Creatures of the night,
Both with enhanced sight,
Both with a vicious bite.
Though one stands low while another stands high,
One's a gruesome sight, while the other is a dangerous lie,
One lets out a scary howl, while the other has an earpeircing cry.
Werewolves vs. vampires, which should win?
Werewolves, Werewolves,
Werewolves should win.





Pain is a tormentor of living things,
It is a part of fate, an unavoidable thing.





Are you really sane?
For your mind will never stay the same:
For one day you may be in your right mind,
While in the next your mind will not be fine.
Perhaps we are truly insane,
While the ones we think are insane are truly very humane.
Who is really sane?
The answer is practically a theory,
And can not be guaranteed.



A Diamond in my Heart


You are a diamond in my heart.
An amazing, everlasting, and all enduring diamond.
You are my mother, one like no other,
You adorn my soul with love and peace,
Like an angel you gently nudge me;
You nudge me to the right path and care for me,
You care for me more than yourself;
More than anyone.





Love is like a beautiful, colorful glass,
A fragile glass.
So beautiful that it is easy to get lured into it,
Inside of the glass is a place with no boundaries, no pain,
Only amazement, wonder, and fun.
But when that glass breaks, if it breaks,
For it is so fragile that nearly anything can break it,
You are once again exposed into the world,
And it seems terrible and unfamiliar,
And your mind constantly turns back to that spectacular glass.
The glass from which the shards had damaged your soul.



About Uriah Rosheed Thornton-Emerson


Uriah Rosheed Thornton-Emerson; Born August 11, 1997.

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Entrepreneuralism, Video Games, Playing The Trumpet, Science. Awards: Honor roll, AR Reading, Author's Chair

Uriah  is an 11 year old Poet Laureate of Sheenway School and Culture Center and a Student of Riverside Preparatory School, Los Angles, CA.

This is Uriah's first appearance in Sketchbook.









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