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A young rogue named Finn
Ran away with an escaped slave, Jim,
Down the river on a raft
On the Mississippi this tale was craft
Encounters & adventures, fore and aft.



Saturday Flicks


Tales amongst natives of the plains
Of a shepherd dog's near human brain
Adventures of two, close as twins
Rusty a lad, with boyish grin
And his Alsation...Rin-Rin-Tin


A Breeze in the Trees


Deep down in the Wild Wood
An empyty mansion stood
Stoats & weasels squatted there for nowt,
Ratty, Mole & Badger with a loud shout
Helped careless Toad to kick them out.



Fat Boy-dim


Billy Bunter was a lad
Before fast-food became a fad
Ever ready to pass the buck,
Overweight, down on his luck
Decided to 'borrow' his school mates' tuck.



Tilting at Windmills

He set his classic in La Mancha
Don Quxiote and sidekick Panza
This duet made an awful fist
Ready material for a satorist
Sancho the squire, Don the idealist



Under the Greenwood Tree


On common land, within the wood
Eking a living as best they could,
Betwixt Roundhead & Cavalier, they stood
These children of the new forest
Adventures filled, with youthful zest.

(Frederick Marryat-Children of the New Forest)





In a base motor pool
An off-limits card school
A scheming Bilko takes the pot
Hoodwinking top brass was his game,
Fast talking his claim to fame.



Meat & No Veg


In the Dandy lived a Desparate Dan,
Perhaps the world's strongest man;
A brawny westerner with stubbled chin
His favourite dish was cow-pie,
Eaten whole...I tell no lie!



Make Believe


Children's books of worldwide acclaim
Whimsical humour in nonsense rhyme
Of childhood days in summertime
Its acrostic brought Liddel's fame,
The story ending with Alice's full name

Tribute to Lewis Carroll

see more in the renown tale by Cervantes









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