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Annie and The Only One Problem Bear. Jayne Kaplan.  2009.  Illustrations by Betty Kaplan. Cover design by Karina Klesko.  ISBN 978-1-4392-3030-5  

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While the author Jayne was visiting friends in Anchorage Alaska, the family's eight year old daughter complained about taking a trip to see the city sights. To coax the little girl, Jayne offered to tell a story during the trip. At the very first corner, "Annie," the heroine of our story said "Auntie Jayne, I Want my story now, please!"

The story of Annie and the Only One Problem Bear developed over the course of the tour of Anchorage. Since the reception by the children and the adults in the car was enthusiastic, Jayne decided to write down the tale. Later she asked her mother Betty to do the illustrations.

Annie and The Only One Problem Bear is a delightful tale designed to appeal to a child's sense of humor and whimsy. While entertaining, it is  also educational, teaching children that when a problem arises, it can be solved and that the solution can come from THEM!



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