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Free Verse


No One


People hear but do not listen
Perhaps they listen but do not hear
Is there a difference

The result is confusion
The result is ignorance
The result is forgotten

Wars happen because
No one listens, no one hears
The warnings

No one hears death
No one listens to death
Even when it enters





I have no brother
yet if I did I
would weep tears
for the one who
does not exist

His face may have been
on every card sent
sailing across a
room to land face
up or against a wall

Yet there is no face to
remember or to mourn
no smile to return
no lip to split with
a well placed fist

The brother who does not
exist is the shadow that
follows in the streets
or the rooms I enter
he never cries for me





The old hometown is a small
town where nothing has changed

The buildings are where
they have always been

The streets look the same
only the people have changed

The old folks have died
the young have grown older

Living in the same houses with fresh
coats of paint and brown grass

White fences and the red fire hydrants
are still there for a new generation of dogs to sniff

Cars are new – mostly imported
skirts are shorter, hair is longer

Friends have left for bigger cities
where they lead smaller lives

Those who stayed think their lives are big
the children grow bigger

Hometown smells are still there
fresh mowed grass, cakes baking in open windows

Hamburgers grilling in back yards
the aroma of the past is delicious



La Brea


An angry wind shakes leaves
off trees
they fall like Napoleon's army
into a newly cemented sidewalk
where they will be seen for fifty or more years
unlike La Brea where mammoth and water flea,
predator and prey, fossilized, appear 38,000 years
later black as the day they died, now a licorice
remnant of a sour pit when leaves shaken by an
angry wind showing who was in charge fell from trees
to cover the tar pits



The Kiss


You kissed the brain with ideas
and the mouth with an east wind

There! A sculpture of David, a
painting of the Madonna

Somewhere an empty room
searches for you, an empty bed waits

The sky at night has no boundary
the stars appear in your smile

The world cannot contain your joy
the house empty without you

Bright eyes light the way
the inner forces bring happiness



About Zvi A. Sesling


Zvi A. Sesling has published poems in Midstream, Saranac Review, New Delta Review, Voices Israel Anthology, Cyclamens & Swords, Ship of Fools, The Chaffin Journal, Poetica, Ibbetson Street, Istanbul Literary Review, Illya’s Honey, Wavelength, Asphodel, Main Channel Voices and Hazmat Review, and many others. Additional poems are due to be published in 2009. In 2004 he was awarded Third Place in the Reuben Rose International Poetry Competition and in 2007 he received First Prize in the Reuben Rose International Poetry Competition. He was selected to read his poetry at New England/Pen “Discovery” in 2008 by Boston Poet Laureate Sam Cornish.










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