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Free Verse


Tiny Buds of Springtime Opportunity


Tiny buds of springtime opportunity
Reach high to warm gaiety -
Hopeís acceptance sparred.
Grow! Green blossoms stretching
To Drink chilly rain
And warm cold bark
After chilly aftermath
Hear! Songs sung distant
Wings fly high -
Seize earth - wide scope
Spring dreams Of opportunity
To love the beating heart
Of barren landís
Dark muddy ditches
Where water clears
Unseen storehouses
Of dusty passage
And cycles formed
Tiny buds of springtime grow.



About Therese Leone


Therese Leone-Unger lives on a farm in a small, Midwestern town outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband. After obtaining her Bachelor's in English Literature at Indiana Purdue of Fort Wayne, she did freelance work for local magazines and newspapers. Currently, she teaches English Writing at Ivy Tech Community College and is pursuing her Master's Degree in English Writing, as well. She is trained with the Fort Wayne Literacy Alliance, is enrolled in a program with The Institute of Children's Literature, and specializes in fiction and poetry writing. In her free time, she reads, gardens, writes, and enjoys time with her husband.

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