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Free Verse


Colonial Powers


They forcefully came
Without mercy.

They raped
Defenseless women.

They plundered the wealth of the land
They had conquered.

They looted whatever
And whenever they wanted.

They came thinking they were civilising
The ‘barbaric’ native inhabitants.

The British, the Portuguese, the French, the Belgians
And others have blood on their hands.

Exploited, conspired and massacred
Just to protect their blood soaked interests.

They used barbaric methods to exert their control
Over the population.

They sadistically oppressed
The masses.

They brutally occupied
Another people's land.

They viciously
Suppressed dissent.

They came
And then they left with no remorse.

Leaving behind
A deadly legacy.

A deadly legacy
That still haunts humanity to this day.



The Majesty And Tragedy Of The Titanic


This is my homage to the Titanic
The greatest ship ever to be built
The most legendary of ships
A ship like no other.

Its former majestic beauty
Still amazes the world
Its construction still astounds us
If only it lived to a tender age.

Built by the sweat of Irish workers
Designed by the brightest minds
Many bestowing many hours to it
It became a testament of human ingenuity.

Picturing it now in my mind
Sailing on the high seas
Taking on the ferocious waves
Unstoppable in its force.

Thinking that it would have been great
Standing on the top deck of the ship
Glaring at the beautiful orange sunset
Reminiscing about the good times on land.

Impressed and inspired by the bravery of the crew
Who risked their lives to save others
Such as scared women and confused children
From the icy and dark Atlantic Ocean.

Thinking about the chaotic atmosphere
That must have existed on the doomed ship
On that fateful day
That would live on in infamy.

It set sail from the Old World
To reach the New World
Transporting the dreams and hopes
Of its rich and poor passengers.

Still feel saddened by the souls
Lost to the freezing watery depths
Happy for those that survived
To live on in this world of hope.

Laying at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean
Ravaged by the forces of the deep
Halved by the force of the sinking
Forever resting in a watery grave.



Words And What They Say To Me



Long and grueling but well worth it.


Very hard to differentiate from infatuation.


Wanted by many people but many people are unwilling to work hard for it.


Plentiful but badly distributed.


Used mainly to make life easier and to make money.


Rare in its existence in the world.


Deeply desired by many people but denied to many people.


Widespread as well as ancient.


Sometimes beautiful and sometimes distasteful.


Sometimes confused with culture.


Usually very interconnected with finance.


Writing that is from the heart and mind.

The World

Fascinating but plagued by many problems.



The Way How I Feel In This Place And Time


Shedding my tears
For the oppressed.

Clenching my fists
Out of frustration.

Feeling lost
In the general confusion.

Overwhelmed by my anger
Against injustice.

A burning desire within my heart
For meaningful change.

Frustration boiling within me against the ignorant
Against the arrogant
And against the hypocrites.

My angry eyes directed towards the abusers
Towards the oppressors
And towards the trouble makers amongst my midst.

Feeling sickened at the crushing poverty
That crushes lives and livelihoods.

Hating those that cause grief
To me and to others.

Crying out for honesty
In a dishonest world.

Crying out for justice
In an unjust world.

Suffocating from an entrenchment
Of deception and manipulation.

Anxious nerves in my mind
For what still needs to be achieved.

Wanting to be stimulated
By the inspiring and great.

Yearning for true peace and prosperity
For all of mankind.









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