Nora Wood, US






skipping stones
father and son

the ripples



another spring
the empty seat
at the table



afterward only silence
between us



shell held to my ear
a wave swells and rides
itself to shore



purling creek
a remembered lullaby
in the mother tongue



wind in the pinesdistant shakuhachi music



cold front
in the busker's case
five copper coins



the water basin ice




taut plunk
of a cello string breaking




first tree buds
untuned piano music
from the old folks home



About Nora Wood


Nora Wood grew up near the Tetons in Wyoming. She is a writer and poet living in Atlanta, Georgia with her two daughters. She took up daily haiku-writing in 2007 as a discipline and creative outlet. Nora has published haiku in Simply Haiku, The Heron's Nest, World Haiku Review, and the Lilliput Press Basho Challenge chapbook. Find her work on line at haiku a day.

This is Nora Wood's first appearance in Sketchbook.









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