John Daleiden, US




Dialouge of an Old Sot and a Leprechaun

A Sequence of Tetractys


why do you
knock so loudly
on my window before the sun is up?

Oh! ye' be the funny green leprechaun
Paddy's Day


I'll shoot 'ye
in your cocked-hat
ye' red coated critter come to do harm!

I be needin' me sleep, I do, old sport

so leave me dream
yet awhile

I'm tired,

meet ye'
in an hour
at rainbow's end

later we'll share a bit of your old gold.

And with that I sat up in my warm bed
wishin' I'd said
more kind words
to this



Farewell to Winter

A Haiku Sequence


night fall—
withered chrysanthemums
buried in show

last frost
etched on my window pane
mountains and valleys

icy moon—
the stillness of winter
on White Mountain

warmer—clear skies,
sunny weather forecast—
a touch of Spring

strains of Mozart—
from a heated balcony
we watch winter stars

drip drip, drip, drip
of icicles at dawn—
the stop light changes

at noon one crocus
blooms in melting snow—
a brave new world

cherry blossoms
next week in my garden
a Spring Soirée



Cinquain Sequence

Reflections on Tranquility


When fears
overwhelm me
like a fierce hurricane,
then I picture grandpa's pasture
of cows.

cows sit and chew
or stand and graze all day—
at dusk they trail back to the gate

We milk
them in the stalls,
talking with gentle hands,
coaxing the white gold from udders
brim full.

in solitude
Daisy leads the whole herd
back to pasture, nibbling grass
all night.

in their safe world,
the meadow and the barn—
they escape our moments of fear
and doubt.

Could we
achieve the calm,
deliberate life of cows?
Or are we condemned to suffer
from fears?





our rendezvous—
beside a steaming tea pot
white narcissus



icicle reflections
on a late winter day—
red sunset



blue skies—
laundry on the clothesline
fills with the breeze



serene Spring pool—
caressing ancient rocks
the crash of water



river sandbar—
in a fragrant breeze
sandpipers pecking



we stand together
in falling cherry blossoms
sweet birdsong



evening mist—
green tea in porcelain cups
to warm our hands



Three Renhai on a Theme


Duplicity # 1

Gillena Cox, TT (gc) and John Daleiden, US (jd)

Choosing tomatoes
at the street market—
the smell of pineapples   

A steady flow of traffic   /gc
mid-spring, a sudden snow storm   

A farewell note
with the dozen roses—

the song of a lark   





Duplicity #2

The toasty crunch
Of breakfast cereal—
Spilt milk   

Rain clouds more and more greying   /gc
counterfeit tens in the cash   

on Main Street
only empty store fronts—
Hollywood USA   




Duplicity #3


Gillena Cox, TT (gc) and John Daleiden, US (jd)

the hooker
works her street corner—
a five o'clock shadow   

street sweepers' voices at dawn   /gc
flatulence of "corpse flowers"   

she melts in his arms—
one teaspoon of sugar stirred
into the coffee   





Solo Renhai

Tipping the Scales


cherry blossoms
fall on kissing lovers—
a twilight breeze   

La donna č mobile—   
rainfall on her wedding day   

divorce court—
the judge slams his gavel
on the man's rude talk   











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