G. David Schwartz, US




Free Verse


I Met Her In The Gift Shop


I met her in the gift shop
Don't that stand to reason
she was just so popular
and I will bet so pleasing
it took me ages to get her name
but at last I did get it
but now I cannot pronounce it
Jen Darelingicantquitit



I Would Do Anything


I would do anything
To be wrapping up in your heart
And I would stand nearly any place
Just until I see your face
And I would pull my heart from its chest
Just to be with you in rest
And I will gladly stand alone
Until you and I both get home



I Could Kiss You A Million More Times


I could kiss you a million more times
Does that seem strange to you
I could kiss your lips as well as your eyebrows
That is what I want to do
I think about you night and day
When awake or when I dream
I want to kiss you many more times

yes, that is what I like to do.









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